Option To Restore Deleted Servers


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    Hello my discord was haked at 15:53 15/10/2020

    And all my friends was removed

    And I have Aserver with 120 membre was deleted

    All my action was deleted plz can someone help me urgent plz

    Beacause its gaming server (gta rp fivem)

    My Discord: CONAN LA7MAR#9224

    My ID : 664505099443372043

    Pleaze i need my server His name Twensa Fi franca

    It is very importen

  • Castboy6

    GIVE US DELETEION STORAGE BACK PLEASE My account got hacked and then now i lost 5 servers i took like FOREVER TO MAKE THEM



  • empressfordola

    Yes please!
    They have a 7 day period to recover a Discord Account.
    Servers should have that too, there is enough reasons to mistakenly (or regrettably) delete a server, after which one would like to recover it.

  • Smitty J

    I agree I just deleted a discord server my friends and I were working on for months on acident so I think there should be a restoring feature or something

  • Smitty J

    I agree I just deleted a discord server my friends and I were working on for months on acident so I think there should be a restoring feature or something


    LMFAO WTF? I WANTED TO DELETE A CHANNEL, BUT MY DISCORD SERVER WAS DELETED INSTEAD..? i literally CLICKED on "DELETE CHANNEL" and now my discord server was deleted. is discord on crack or sum?

  • ImmortalFizzz

    There should not be an option to restore anything, thats the whole point of deleting stuff. While I agree, there should be more prompts before deleting the server/channel etc. Just get 2FA so you dont have to worry about deleting your server.

  • Marcus André

    @ImmortalFizzz No, 2FA is useless in the discord scenario, because there are cases of people who end up trusting the wrong individual and he harmfully decides to delete everything, at that point there is no confirmation, authentication of the account that will prevent someone who has been allowed to act in a harmful way.
    You will probably think: Blame someone who trusted the wrong person.
    But let me say your line of reasoning is wrong: The human mind is not constant, in my case a longtime friend, who I knew for more than 3 years, and since then has always had administrator access without ever showing a sign , simply decided to nuke my server. He deleted the channels and left the server, without giving reason, without making excuses, simply, the next day we noticed the state of the server. (Looks like him has depression now, or whatever.)
    Although Discord is not the place for it, my friends and I trust him to exchange information and data on game projects that took years to complete.
    And from so many official gaming groups that I see on discord, I think it is past time for discord to take seriously the reliability of your application, and the lack of a grace time not only to restore but perhaps even to reverse recent actions by other administrators it is something that the discord should have already implemented.

  • Guys I wrote to support@discord.com this and maybe you could copy and send it to them too! The more people send it, the faster they can fix the problem!
    Here's the text:
    Hello! I know that many users had talked to you about this issue and I'm going to do it too becouse maybe if enough people do it you will fix it. It's about deleting channels. Often there are channels deleted by mistake, channels deleted by someone in the moderation out of revenge of some sort maybe after a fight, there are hackers and bots that specialize in deleting channels! And there are many more ways to lost a channel that is often a really valuable part of the server. There are memories, conversations and feelings on those channels that becouse of this issue we won't be able to get back. Some people lose YEARS of conversation becouse of a stupid mistake or a troll. We, the people upset by this problem propose that the channels that were deleted will be available to recover for a certain amount of time before the "true deletion" (which is the moment where the channels are no longer available to be recovered).
    Thank you for listening.
    We're counting on you to fix this problem as fast as you can.

  • Jonsey2606

    YES!! The idea of restoring deleted servers would be AWESOME. My friend deleted a server by accident and its gone forever. I wish we could bring it back

  • !FastmOceanFutures

    Ye i just got hacked, my server is gone

  • Nabilalalh

    I Would Like To Restore My Friend's Server,
    We've Been Taking A Lot Of Effort On It Please,,

  • NightsFox

    Well, Heres the Thing. What if your account was Compromised and Your Server Gets Deleted. 

    2FA helps with security but it isnt Perfect.

    I think that at the very least there should be a way to undo it within 7 days. And, if it does get deleted, maybe it is moved to a sort of trash and this way Members Can still dm each other and friend each other and not lose And I also think server deletion should have a additional security where it sends you an Email, as well as requiring you to use 2fa Multiple times maybe.Yes, its inconvenient, but your deleting a server. A community. Why should it be convenient?

    Id say that should be a toggleable setting for a server, but it should be really hard to turn it off. Maybe, You Can only change it every 30 Days, Or to turn it off you have to talk to support. 

    And then if it still gets deleted, you can undo it using the trash, And i think that if say, more than 50% of a server is banned, it should be allowed an undo button for 7 days as well, in case an admin got compromised.


  • УD

    someone gave his server to another person and left and a few months later the other person deleted the server without anyone's permission without warning anyone or even telling anyone and the only reason i can think of for doing it is it was inactive but that's not a good reason in my opinion and also there was almost an entire year of history in that server but now it will be irretrievable forever and the worst part is i had just started to write down some of the history and just a few days after i started it got deleted

  • Anonymous_Jr

    I just recovered my account from a hacking and I feel that a MINIMUM 3 days wait for data wipes should be a thing so people have time to at least notify Discord staff to not finalize any server deletion requests until the TaS team can verify the account is still in the right hands or not.

    I lost a handful of private servers that I'll never be able to recover data from... There are no words as to how painful it is that I wasn't even the one who got the last glances of them.

  • Doakie

    how do i restore my discord server i didn't mean to delete it even it was not me who deleted it but someone who is not responsible


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