Autocompletion for bots commands


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  • oil man

    Like typing commands on Minecraft? That's a neat idea. Upvoted

  • Kai

    Hm, interesting. Perhaps a special feature for bot accounts that allows regular clients to interact with it? One feature being, as the OP suggests, autocompleting commands based on your permissions.

    As a bot developer, this opens up a whole nother world of functionality. Definitely upvoted!

  • Alice Carroll

    It's good idea, but the problem is that bot doesn't recieve commands - it receives messages and does something with it (for example, if it starts with '!cat' it sends an image with cat). So they need to make api has commands as commands, not just message event (and maybe prefixes). Or your program can send JSON with commands, their aliases and short descriptions, like (or you can set them on<app id>/bots). I don't know about other API wrappers, but has built-in ability to use commands in your code, not just doing shit with messages. Interface like in Minecraft 1.13 would be good (Mojang made the "Brigadier" library open-source, but it's on Java, not JS).Discord has built-in interface like this, but only for built-in Clyde commands (check screenshot)

  • 루아kr

    I want! :D

  • JustMaier

    It seems like the best way to do this would be to give bots the ability to send syntax/command data to the server when it connects.

  • Lightner

    well after 3 years i found this and now its here


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