DM Ad alt accounts. We need a fix.


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  • Sage

    I like the idea of only friends being able to send invites to their friends. 


    However, the one downside I can see to this is when it comes to partnerships, since a lot of servers do them and you need to be able to send invite links to the other person, therefore making it so that if someone has 'only friends' set to send them invites, they can't do partnerships, or they have to turn the setting off and thus making them vunerable to DM ads again. 

    Maybe instead there can be a setting that your account has to be x days old and verified by phone or email to send invites? 

  • harrybax

    I mean... it's not hard to just add them as a friend if they DM about partnerships, and us PM's Staff members.
    But what I want is like a pending role of some sorts, so if the account is identified as an alt account/bot account, they don't have the permission to dm other members..


  • username
    I have nothing against this, but the only way I see Discord being able to do this is through IP, and multiple different people can be connected to the same network and one person can be on two different devices on different networks. I have nothing against this, but I don't think that it is very possible.

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