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  • Svedka

    Good grief. Direct Messages are just that, direct messages. They are delivered immediately, and if the one you (didn't mean to) send to will be able to read it, probably done reading by the time you start to regret your words. Sadly, Discord does not have the function of erasing stuff from the user's brain yet. But you can delete posts easily, and if it's not fast enough to do a couple mouse clicks or key clicks, there's scripts and bots which let you delete much faster. Look into that, it sounds like that is what you need (if you combine it with a time machine). I use an AutoHotkey script that gobbles up my previous written line by pushing the sequence of keys needed to do it manually, all by hitting a key combo of my choice. :P

  • InTafiir

    Yeah, that's great an all, just wasn't sure how someone who was and didn't log in until 8 hours later read a messaged that I had deleted 5 minutes after sending it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Addwulf

    I just hope my crush didn't see it

  • ⭐CASPER⭐

    I won’t cancel this order 49.99 nitro


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