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  • username

    I'm assuming you used MegaBot to submit this, you don't need to but the <> in the commands, those signify placeholders. You can just do "!submit categories command channel | be able to set a permision to turn on command in a categorie. channel command in teamspeak is a way to talk with multiple squad leaads in diffrent channels i would like to see this added into discord in a way that if a user or role has access to the permision they will be able to relay a voip message to all channels in the categorie when the user presses his keybind for command. then i would like to see a other permision to recive these command messages or not."

  • Jese

    Is the only feature why my clan and i have to move to TS to play some games and is annoying to do so.
    We need this feature and Discord will brought tons of players for this only thing.


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