Knowing if you've been blocked


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  • Chaton

    NOTE :

    I would to add, exemple : 

    The blocking window apparait.

    Wumpus want block Cycle, Wumpus add reason and click in "Autorisate to Cycle wiew the reason and block ?"


    Sry for my english

  • Xylium

    No thank you, this is a very bad idea due that people can harass others by knowing they’re blocked. Plus they done it this way for privacy reasons

  • doggo

    I think it is better to let them know cause a lot of people rather lie then admit to it.


  • scarlett

    i wish it would tell you if you have actually been blocked than you just left there to guess whether or not you have actually been blocked. we don't need a reason i would like like a straight forward message saying i have been blocked.

  • Pup Charles

    I wondering if @ing them works to know.  like if they are still on a server try that, a hello or something harmless would work.  I am just not sure if you will still get that vague message from Clyde.  If you are not blocked it should at least not say that in my opinion.  Sometime it seems a user goes offline and it feels like they blocked you and that is confusing.  I would like the staff of Discord to know I don't like being confused and they should come up with a less confusing message.  I guess Clyde also gives that message if you are just muted or something like that.  All we want is to know what happened.

  • bbybear

    why is my friends profile dark?

  • ⇔Asher⇔

    So like my friend blocked me because i wanted to know what they look like IF THEYRE COMFORTABLE and they sent a pic we continued our day and now i see that they have blocked me on everything the last thing was i asked them on YouTube and they said “ i just dont feel comfortable showing my face “ they blocked me and kicked me out of the server i was in . 

  • Epsilon

    Recently, I thought a friend had blocked me. To check, I tried sending them a friend request and Clyde said that the friend request had failed. Maybe I'm just late to the party and everyone has already tried it, but now I'm pretty confident that my friend blocked me.


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