Discord: Bug Catcher Limiteds


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  • johnythecarrot

    That would defeat the purpose of the badge. It's meant for those who worked for it. It's not up for purchase and never should be.

  • You gone be hated by the bug hunters in Discord Testers
  • Zacatero
    This would make sense if the badge you were getting were a "I bought merch" badge... Why on Earth would the Bug Hunter badge be awarded for just buying merchandise? It completely defeats the purpose of that badge even existing lol
  • index.ts

    The badge is for people who hunt for bugs (thus the name)...not people who hunt through the store...and of any badge why the bug hunter badge?! That’s the one you have to earn! If you want to buy a badge, get nitro!

  • Solo

    This is essentially what the Nitro badge is now. You pay for it.


    The Bug Hunter badge is earned and I'm not sure how there would be any correlation between it and purchasing items in the store.

  • Krobo
    there is no correlation bewteen bug hunting and buying merch lol, and plus if this was done then the badge won't be special anymore... Just like the nitro
  • Frosty
    I guess you misunderstood the purpose of Discord Bug Hunter badge.
  • ||Jojo||
    I don't thing that bug catchers should be a marketing thing for Discord
  • SENPAI 2.0

    когда делаешь приватный канал,на сервере,И всем ролям убераешь все права доступа то другие боты так же могут отображаться в ленте участников канала.

  • SENPAI 2.0

    Баг с аналитикой,когда заходишь на сервер который создал,если у тебя етсь анатилика то у тебя каждый раз высвечиваться будет "Вы несозранили аналитику,неподтвердили" или что то подобное,хотя я созранил её


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