Rich Presence for bot accounts


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  • Angellus Mortis

    Another great use case is showing a "Now Playing" with album art and everything for music bots.

  • Caltrop

    I already use the "now playing" indicator as a way to give out some information such as Uptime, Ping, etc.

    Having a better looking and better formatted way to display such information would be an awesome addition and is definitely something I, and many other Bot Creators would like to see.

  • Rubat

    I also want to be able to display more information about what my bot is doing.

  • GamingCraft_hd

    It would be amazing indeed. Hopefully it's going to happen some day. :(

  • Alespren

    This would be extremely useful to display extra info easily for bots! Hopefully it gets added, would love to see this.

  • Beyondtoshi

    Bumping this as this would be really cool to see on bots and maybe make it an option for verified bots if it gets added?


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