Encrypted messages


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  • actiniumhydroperoxyl

    Don't they already have security stuff?


    Also, this is your second or third post about message security. Are you trying to hide something? :thinking:

    (jk lol)

  • Buttelli

    Discord has no end-to-end encryption of any kind, all information is saved on their servers unadulterated. 

  • Owlmoon

    Please add end to end encryption.

  • Félix An

    Please do! I sometimes need to send some important, confidential files (e.g. some documents & forms). Something similar to WhatsApp or Signal's E2E encryption would be very useful, and would reduce my fears of sending confidential information over Discord.

  • gwenn

    it's surprising a messaging service as big as Discord hasn't implemented encryption methods yet. even WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned product, has it. it makes Discord look unprofessional and insecure in comparison to things like Signal.


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