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  • Infi

    I agree. Also, the dark mode isn't black, so light mode shouldn't be eye-hurting white.

  • Hoxton

    Oh hell no

  • Deauthorized

    stop using white theme please

  • bakedpotato

    I agree! Why hasn't anyone taken in the fact that light theme at its current state is terrible? If the entire screen was light instead of half dark, then maybe it would become more feasible.

  • applebee

    Can people actually post something useful instead of the dark over light theme war. I agree and I think this should be implemented into discord.

  • Pyxel

    I agree on this, the dark sidebar is very distracting in my opinion.

  • wolfpurplemoon

    agreed, a friend of mine can't actually read the dark columns at all so it is totally inaccessible to him

  • Initea

    I feel that people are only disliking this suggestion as they do not personally like or use light theme.

    Despite myself not using light theme and preferring the dark theme. I believe that the light theme should be improved for those who use it which would include having the side menu being the same colour. 

    It may as well be renamed "Light Colour ChatBackground" as a 'theme' takes presence all over something.

  • uh oh

    Like, this website has a better light theme than the app itself!

  • tor

    you bring up very good ux points

    even though everyone who uses light theme is stinky, discord should make it at least half decent

    if text wasnt so hard to read, and eyes didnt have to constantly adjust between the dark server/channel list and completely sun-white text and messaging area, it would be (almost) fine

  • Stigurna

    I agree, also on mobile the start screen is also dark. I think it being fully white would be better and more consistant

  • Stigurna

    Please implement the changes listed in this, the lack of consistency is annoying :P

  • I would actually not mind using the light theme if there wasn't an ugly dark side bar the whole time tbh. It contrasts too much with the light theme that would otherwise be pretty cool.

  • I agree with everything except changing the text to be darker. The grey text is easier on our eyes because there's less contrast, whilst it's still dark enough compared to the background to be able to read

  • Lunas

    Didn't see that post when I looked for stuff earlier and it's not saying exactly what I am saying here, but I definitely agree with it as full customizability would be ideal so that anyone can set it to what they prefer. Problem is that was made 5 months ago and there has been no word on it from Discord staff from what I can tell.

  • mesub
    Light theme isn't perfect, the Devs have noted that. There needs to be a lot of reworking done, but i think they are a few things they need to sort first
  • Lapis L'Azuri

    Haven't you noticed that in every single "modern" site there are a light and dark theme that look exactly the same across the entire WWW, the themes from site to site are practically indistinguishable from each other and are both the same sterile, castrated look lacking any identity or imagination, not to mention are a strain to read? Design sterilization is the new modernization. Discord is not a tiny bit of exception. Get used to it, this is the Brave New World of the Internet :D Enjoy :D

  • CONclon3

    Strong agree

  • Aleph

    I am wondering why the light theme font color isnt also jet black, it hurts your eyes when using it because the font color is also grey so you have to strain your eyes to read text properly for extended periods of time (+10m)

  • rain

    I agree with this 100%! I've always wanted a version of discord that's light and actually looks nice! A chocolate and vanilla comparison, rather than a chocolate and ice comparison. Like it wouldn't be so horrible if it actually looked streamlined.

  • Spageddie

    I'd actually use light theme (sometimes) if it actually looked decent. Some changes that could be made are changing the text colour (the current grey is too light), making the sidebar light too (the dark sidebar doesn't make any sense, way too much contrast and inconsistency), and (this one isn't necessary, but could help) perhaps put something under the brightly coloured names to make them more readable.

  • Zelite

    I'm actually half blind, so I HAVE to use Light theme to even be able to read. The Dark theme makes my head hurt trying to use it.

  • index.ts
    woah. that’s really good!
  • Frosty
    Honestly, it seems ancient. But, not a bad suggestion
  • ✿ mabel ✿

    On top of making the sidebars match the chat, I think there should be an option for black text with light theme OR gray text with light theme. I've seen a few people say that they don't like the gray text but personally I think it matches the colour scheme and black would look out of place next to the whites and grays, considering there is quite literally nothing "dark" or harsh in light theme. But obviously since others would prefer black text, it could be beneficial to just make it customizable so everyone is happy/able to bare light theme.

  • Hex

    Personally I'd rather light theme not existed (joking).

    But, I wouldn't mind the ability to customize the color theme ourselves (with color restrictions or presets of course, to prevent the more "adventurous" individuals from blending their font into the background).

  • Jesse | JeZ


  • Jesse | JeZ


  • cadencetest

    I regularly have to use the light theme due to my phone screen being dim, and the current theme is both ugly and legitimately poor for usability because of some aspects being dark. This design is a massive improvement and I would be much happier with Discord as a whole if this was implemented. 


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