Outgoing Webhooks


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  • knockit

    I would also prefer this function/feature.


    Slack and Telegram both have these kinds of integrations, and I can run Lambda functions on AWS for free instead of managing a server/container somewhere. 



  • ninjacat959

    Dont get

  • ninjacat959

    Dont get

  • Keidence

    I would also prefer being able to run bots this way.

  • _Rok0'sBasilisk_

    This would be a life saver! It is a must feature!

  • Melissa (Spider at Spiderland)

    Same, this would be very useful for a number of services, Zapier/IFTTT, etc.

  • Agthor

    +1 to this for sure! This would help me a ton as I don't expect messages around the clock to trigger my bot. Using something like AWS Lambda I could save cost quite a bit not having an always running process listening to Discord's websocket API.

    To expand on the suggestion, it would be great being able to select which types of events go to a given webhook (similar to selecting one or multiple permissions in an application for OAuth2). This way I could theoretically have one AWS Lambda function handle one or multiple events.

  • Unsmart [sclip.cc]

    +1 This would make life so much better! Would remove the hassle of trying to ensure connection to all servers. Also would allow me to keep costs down and offer something for my users probably completely free!

    Absolute must have.

  • CTS_Æ

    No lie, this would honestly make the world a better place, we can stop running idle listeners and save the world ;D <3

    Please this would be so easy, you could even have this be client side, but I would prefer clients not reaching directly out to my webhooks with credentials :P

    I have a small school club and we're spending ~$14-28/m on heroku to run a staging and production environment that could be ran on a free tier on GCP or AWS. I know heroku is an extreme case, but it's also a reality.

    There's no reason to have idle bots when we could have outgoing webhooks.

  • dajoma

    +1 on this feature, it would be great to have this as idle bots, in my opinion, are wasted computing real estate (especially when they're infrequently invoked)

  • Daniel.Hurran

    +1 to integrate with Zork.


  • maha

    Would love this functionality to integrate with Azure LogicApps

  • rankala

    A very important feature. Serverless applications are coming more and more. Services such as AWS Lambda provide a low-cost or even free platform. Other services like Mattermost or Slack have such a feature.

    Please :-)


  • VeritasWest

    Holding off creating a bot until this is implemented. 

  • Micah

    Wow, crazy that we still don't have any way of doing push notifications like this. Without outbound notifications, Lambda is pretty much a non-starter.

  • Chabane Maidi

    I second what everyone is saying here. I was planning to port a Slack app I wrote over to Discord, but I'll hold off. MS Teams looks like it supports user-submitted commands though. 

  • fathauler

    I second (48th) this. Allowing an outgoing webhook will allow developers to host their webhooks on just about any cloud platform that hosts REST APIs. This will reduce the cost for developers.

    Forcing users to run a long running process is a rather lame way of doing this

  • Immabird

    I would also really like this! This is one of the top things Slack offers that Discord does not.

  • advaith

    Outgoing webhooks are supported for slash commands: https://discord.com/developers/docs/interactions/slash-commands

  • JJRcop

    This is a very wonderful first step, and fulfills many of the use cases here. However, I would love to see coverage for all, or at least major events (MESSAGE_*, VOICE_STATE_UPDATE) through the new outgoing webhook interface.

  • Andrei Serban

    Hi any news on this feature request? Thanks!

  • Oliver

    Use case of outgoing webhooks for bot interactions (described in the initial post) has become fully supported:

    I've filed a separate post explicitly requesting outgoing webhooks FOR GATEWAY EVENTS:


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