nitro boosting badge


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  • Gifting

    Agreed.. just left the the server to test it and lost my badge and role... this is quite dissapointing.

  • Orius

    The reason this happens is because you cancel your boost by leaving. Pretty sure it'll come back if you re-boost it.

  • NathanNorth
    yes, indeed, i'd like to see this feature on discord
  • Xicor

    I have Boosted a server since 4th June 21:43 and its already 4th September. I havent received my Badge yet, im at the 3rd level badge logically, will it take some time to receive?

  • Random Hexagon

    I’ve sent an email to Discord about this, but they told me that If I wanted my badge back, i would have to boost the server again. Can’t discord have a permanent badge like Nitro badge?

  • alli

    i just boosted my friend’s server and had a badge at first, i also had to renew my nitro so i did, after i did that my boosting badge is gone. can someone explain why?

  • 5v_q

    I just boosted a server- then i left accidentally- and now i want to unboost the server but it doesnt show on my boost list :') help- what should i do-

  • P.

    you're disappointment, you cant get nitro boost back if you rejoin a server and i actually did manage to lose one because the server has alot of kids so it's definitely worth it.

  • sussy taesuke

    uh like dude i boosted a server
    then after somedays i left the server mistakenly now i cant get my badge back i mean its kinda unfair also u dont get ur boosts back which got lost :(

  • Cherry_18|19

    My friend boosted my server and unexpected way he left when he joined again his boosts are unused

  • aero

    nice cap

  • Luna ♡

    This happened to me yesterday. I left the server I was boosting for a year just to make a test and now that I want to go back the support told me I can’t retrieve my badge! This is so disappointed and unfair! I spent months paying for the subscription to get the star budge and now I need to start all over again! They should give us 3 days to cancel the transfer and get back to our previous boost, at least! This is very sad.


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