Timezone aware chat tag


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  • Katze

    This would make managing events much easier.

    Much like it is on the World of Warcraft forums:


  • AndrewmanGaming

    I second this. I came here to suggest exactly this feature. A "timestamp" chat function would be extremely helpful for planning things and keeping syncing time with people from other countries. Discord already knows what timezone a user is in as it displays message timestamps in the correct timezone. 

    Ideally you would type something like /t and discord would bring up a time picker UI like it does for names when you type @, but even something as simple as what this post suggests with a special character to tell Discord to parse the time and display to users in their timezone would be a great feature!

  • robgw3

    I was going to suggest something like this too. Something like a tag that you could put around a time and it would display that time to other people in the time set on their system. Like for example [time]5:00pm[/time] would show as 5:00pm to someone in Central Time, but 3:00pm for someone in Pacific Time. It would make it much easier for people to gather for events, particularly in games. That way people wouldn't have to say "Ok we gather at 5pm central time." and have everyone go and check what Central is compared to their time zone.

  • Tiberaus

    This is an INCREDIBLY good idea and should definitely be implemented. It would be so helpful to not have to keep converting times online.

  • CaptainBarouq

    discord plz


  • Piglet

    Genius. Give me timezones

  • CannedPears1

    I'd kill for this, scheduling with 100 people of various timezones is not an enjoyable experience.

  • imgumby

    If y'all weren't aware yet; This is now possible!

    Check NTTS his video on it, and search some articles for more info if you need it. :)


  • robgw3

    That is nowhere near as simple as what we suggested, that is almost a bigger hassle than just telling people "At this time in central time" and having them figure out what that is for theirs. They have bots that can keep track of game stats for members, they can surely have a tag that can convert the times without having to go to another website and get some long code just to put in the tag...

  • kahuna

    I have to agree with RobGW3. I feel this is a step in the right direction, and may be an incremental step towards making what was asked for, it does not quite meet the ease of use mentioned. The only people who will find this current implementation useful are bot makers, and power users who have too much free time. With any luck V2 of this feature is around the corner, as all they would need to do is slap some NLP in front of it like Chrono https://github.com/wanasit/chrono

  • UmbreonLibris

    It would be great to have a way of addressing recurring events, too, like "every Wednesday at 10am" and the like. For now, the Unix timestamp method works reasonably well


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