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  • undermaster.
    This is a good idea in some instances but users would see it as a privacy issue.
  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    I have updated the description of the post undermaster, please read it.

  • thetechguy
    this is a privacy issue. in some countries it is required for the other consent of the user
  • ヤシュ ミッタル

    I understand, that's way I have updated the description of the post, please read that.

  • Daffy
    interesting idea but this rips away all confidentiality about a Discord call...
  • Vander Loonéy

    Ripe for abuse.

  • TechMaster85

    First, it's kinda a privacy violation.

    Second, you can just use OBS to record everything

    There's no point in this.

  • oldirtydufty

    It would definately make sense... 
    Since OBS records a chosen part of your screen, you wouldn't have the full video resolution of the video-call. Therefore you would need to make a fullscreen-recording with OBS, which is fine but... If you need to use your browser for internet access or do other stuff while having the video-call, fullscreen-recording wouldn't be fitting... only with two screens(monitors).
    With only one monitor it would be great to have an internal way of recording video-calls or gamestreams in Discord..

  • Watynecc

    Hey why i can't record and use discord

  • bubbledumb

    Because life sucks

  • plewpy

    Why cant i find the record option?

  • Martinn
    "Why cant i find the record option?"

    Because there isn't it yet.

    The post is for this purpose. To discuss this implementation.
    I see it as an interesting feature.


    "First, it's kinda a privacy violation.

    Second, you can just use OBS to record everything

    There's no point in this"

    Do you see how inconsistent you are saying that ? If you can't help, don't say "It is obvious".
    This is the typical behaviour that doesn't help and certainly doesn't make you smarter than anyone.

    If you believe that it is an Privacy Violation, why are you suggesting OBS ?

    "Obvious" that there is a point on it. Having all features in one place.

  • True-Doh!

    This is a great feature to add.  Skype already has it.  Privacy concerns? all you do is prompt the other side 'allow so and so to record call?' YES or NO to be a failsafe. 

    The end of the record you allow all participants to download the file.  It's available for no more than 12-24 hours.

    Easy Peasy.

  • PhilTheMage

    To the Team(s) developing Discord: THANK YOU, GREAT APP!

    ONTOPIC: I do record with oCam, but it would make Discord way more professional and competitive with ZOOM if it had a recording included & a fancy red shining light signaling "recording in progress".

    It would probably mess with the paying system to store it internally/cloud based already, but it could very well be saved on the computer instantly.

    Could also be a fun and small feature to implement. (I hope you guy work Agile / with Scrum? If you don't plz contact me and I'll gladly set up an online workshop for you. I do have a background in Agile Coaching.)

    Cheers Paul Philipp Dorra


  • Arsalanmhb


    Many Thank for your amazing App 

    Recently I faced troubles with zoom so I heard discord can help me but it doesn't have Record video call or group call(for me it is my class)

    It is a necessary feature for me to run my online classes on discord . I wanna have my class videos for further uses like post them on instagram . 

    I know I can use bandicam or other screen recording apps to record my class with discord on my device but it doesn't has quality that I had on my class recording with zoom.

    Another thing Please increase number of participants ,9? 

    It's good for me . I just have 5 students but my colleague has 14 students and even can't think about use discord.


    Thanks Again 

    Waiting for recording update , I hope it happens soon

  • h__elli

    I would love this feature, so me and my friends could record our RPG sessions to listen in the future to reminisce, since they're so funny.

  • WxAaRoNxW

    this would be a perfect feature for online classes, I was just about to recommend discord for online classes in my school instead of their chosen streaming site "google meets", but then I realized discord doesn't have a recording function, google has one and it's really convenient as it could record the site and it instantly saves to the organizer's google drive without having to upload it.

    My suggestion would be, maybe the person who records the session and they end the session, the video gets sent to a cloud server the user linked their account with, one drive, google drive, or something else.

    Maybe a text channel gets recorded on where the organizer stopped recording.

  • Spruce

    Good idea! Just like Zoom or Google Meets, it would show the user that they are being recorded. Since Discord only allows for 8MB sized files at the max (without Nitro or boosted server), it would either stop recording when the file reaches 8MB (not what I want), stop recording, then create a new file (there would be many recordings), or, it would record to your local computer. Alternatively, you could connect a Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox account and it would record to there.

  • RyzorBent

    Recording will be gr8, please put the feature in big brother discord :)

  • Verdem

    I would use it to record YouTube videos with the beautiful Discord sound quality!

    My suggestion would be, the recording gets sent to a cloud server the user linked their account with, one drive, google drive, or something else.

    Please, do It!

    On mobile app it would be wonderful!

  • raptoreagle2000

    please add this feature.. both PC and mobile. 

  • MohammedP

    I think community servers should have this.

    If a user denies being recording he or she can be kicked out of the call or if Discord implements it, their audio-video is committed from the recording.

  • Pri7

    I support this idea

  • fooz12

    This feature would be amazing for companies as zoom & MS Teams allow this too, and if you talk with clients it is good to have a record of this meeting. I don't see any Privacy concerns 

  • Ayto Maximo

    Hello! I’m a university teacher. Because of COVID-19 we started to communicate with our students in Discord, it's great! I can share information with students, check homework, we even have a bot integrated with our university IT services. The idea of Discord chanels has much in common with classrooms. 

    However we must record the process of exams and keep it in case of some disputs and appeals, and we can’t do it without 3rd party software :(

    Some teachers managed to start using Discord, but screen recording is still not the easiest thing if you can’t do it just by clicking a single button.

    Please, add video recording feature to make Discord perfect!)

  • Tcel

    I need this feature in order to move my company off of Teams, WebEx, and Skype to this great app. Privacy can be handled appropriately with those in the channel well aware of the recoding starting, ending, and opting in with permission. For companies, this is an important feature and in order to get into that market more, this feature is required.

    Both audio and shared screens, and streaming...

    Add permissions features to the voice channel regarding permissions, etc. 

    Save to recorder computer OR to cloud such as Discord (Nitro)...limits on time, size, etc. other than nitro which could have different limits...

  • DrZ-PCC

    I have experimented with using OBS to stream classes through Discord but it wasn't successful. I don't know if this has been mentioned above but my experience with streaming OBS through Discord is that it mirrors the video automatically which makes any text display backwards. Evidently, this is a known issue with Discord and they is no way to set the stream to not mirror it. I was really disappointed.

  • boidacarapreta

    DrZ-PCC have you tried to flip your image horizontally (Transform -> Flip ...) in OBS?

  • DrZ-PCC

    Wow! That did the trick. Thanks broidacarapreta.

  • Dool

    so can someone send me a bot that does that


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