[S] Change channel of a Discord Invite


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  • MattW


    Certainly would like to see this, would be very useful as a community manager as we've changed what channel our rules are displayed in and it's very difficult to completely change the main invite code.


    Kind Regards,


  • Erkin Alp

    It is very easy to create a new invite and invalidate the old one. What you suggested requires a huge targets database instead of a simple token-based system.

  • Emivg

    Yeah Erkin Alp I know its super easy to create new invites...


    As I said, this is usefoul if you/ur partners posted an invite in a lot of channels, you wont be able to change all of them (I have that invite in more than 100 servers)


    If I invalidate my old invite I will lose the main provenance of my joins (more than 25k invited users from that link)

  • Maddox

    Does anyone got a solution for this? If yes, kindly reply.


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