3D Sounds and Plugins


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  • Dyzalonius

    Discord needs 3D audio! Please make it happen

  • T0bi

    Yes Please!

  • DDD

    i wanted to suggest the same. 3D sound support in discord for people having surround sound devices.

    it is quite difficult to speak in discord voice chat when there are 8+ people in a single voice room. everyone wants to say smth, but there is only one mono channel. it would be extremely comfortable if we could position voice chat participants in space, like 8 directions around me.

  • serum2119

    PLZ DISCORD TEAM DO IT !!!!!!!!!

  • Nach677

    This should happen yes. If they do that teamspeak dies. Discord will literally take over.

  • xXcarlos117Xx2

    Same, i'm right now hosting a ts server JUST for ArmA3 If Discord adds pluggin and 3d audio support, ts3 is pretty much dead.
    Ts3 still have more freedom and quality than Discord but still, Discord would eat TS3 if they do that


  • Ōkamii Loupyboy Gūzen

    One of the features that should've been part of the software from the very beginning... Totally agree with that!

    It's not like it'd be that hard to pull off: most VCCs have under 15 people at a time anyway, so handling that from the client (ex: one var. per user could be stored in an open file for easier integration with other softwares) shouldn't be that demanding.

    If it turns out to be though, it could be toggle-able from the server (like P2T)? With this kind of setup, the only thing that would be hard to implement would be an online sync of the settings to be used on other computers, phones, or browser. Still, it could potentially work as an option for the desktop version.

    I don't know if what I'm saying is completely false or if it can be an idea to dig into, but hey! Long-story short: we need that.

  • godgutten

    Why is this not a feature yet?

  • ins

    Hey, I'd gladly love it if Discord actually adds this. 

    Me and my buds have began playing ArmA 3 recently and we don't really like Teamspeak. And considering that with my buds and installing everything for TFAR (or ACRE) is such a hassle. We just want to use a cool radio system that works just like those two mods. But, we want it in Discord. Because again, we don't like Teamspeak like how we love Discord. And if Discord adds an API or a Third-Party community modding scene, it'd be awesome for other people who make these plug-ins and such and Discord will be absolutely great for that since the modding scene is getting bigger for a lot of VOiP programs. And Discord would do great as one, it has potential.

    Please add this, Discord Team!

  • Rudy

    So I used to play with my friends , on a VOIP platform called Dolby axon. It had directional sound at such a crazy low system usage, which was my all time favorite way to chat.

    Being able to speak with more than 7+ people at once, in a method that was very accessible to understand with it's grid layout.

    I think discord is leagues better in every way, especially considering axon went down many years ago. But undeniably it is the single feature I miss most in the world. I'm even looking for an add-on, or workaround solution, because I have a friend group who'd be willing to try even if many people have to sync up.

  • Wozzi

    Still pushing this, 2 years later. 


    Come on Discord, this is to set you up as the market big boy. Just do it, for the gamers. 

  • ricky

    Up! We need this!

  • Diesel486

    this needs to happen, it also needs to be seen by many more uses of tfar or acre for arma 3

  • Ray Queen

    I join the petition, discord please

  • AcornGR

    We want this discord! Make it happen!!

  • Ayy

    For duck's sake! I need this in Discord ! Two people sound a little bit similar and I keep mixing up who said what, this will be big Addition I'd love it!

  • The Headphone Guy

    This legitimately a must have feature which I think can easily be added with an update , so please do it!!!

  • CardRx

    I'd like to see this feature added to discord in the future because it's handy and would be a valuable addition to the amazing software!

  • McKendrick

    This feature would be amazing. Even making it a server-boosting requirement would still garner a lot of use.

  • zEx

    This is a pretty useful feature and it's fully client-side and doesn't need resources from servers.


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