Nitro subscription, which doesn't auto renew itself.


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  • boss
    Great idea
  • Quevin

    I send a ticket to support, and I also received an update!

    Quote from support:
    I think its a great idea for users who don't want subscription based Nitro. I'll make sure to pass your suggestion for purchasing Nitro without auto-renewal to our team. Also, I've upvoted your suggestion as well. 

  • Hallowisp

    This is really important, and another thing that's stopped me from ever subbing. I can't thing of a single subscription I pay for that doesn't allow me to opt out of auto-renew. Moreover, most of them also clearly indicate how many days of sub time I have left. 

  • ThisServerHasNoRulesLol

    Usually when it comes to subscriptions like these; is that it worries me that if I don't have enough money to pay for a debt or whatever I just bought then that might be the chance when the auto renewal of a subscription might interrupt me from purchasing said product. So yeah that's one of those reasons why manually subscribing is always the best option.


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