Create a confirm-call button in group chat so you don't accidentally dial, or at the very least give the option to have it as a safety


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  • Costpap
    Yes please. I cannot tell how many times I've accidentally called a group/friend while trying to do something else.
  • Karate Wumpus
    Really good idea, i cant see why this should not work well.
  • N And N Jenney

    I can acedently dial a group chat easier than a DM so fix the group chat call button first. And this hurts me more than most because i talk to enemies. Besides, who would want to get woken up at 2am?

  • Timemaster111

    At the very least swap the message and call button I very easy to tap someone’s name in the call spot compared to the message spot. 

  • Lewdicrous

    This seriously annoys me a bunch when I accidently voice call or video call someone on my phone cause I accidently click the call button when I'm holding the phone. Please make this happen. For now, we can just go to the Discord app settings in our phones and disable the permission for camera.

  • kat 💫

    i agree with this! please move the call button somewhere else or have a confirm call button before the call is held. ive accidently called people and friends numerous times on discord and it's so awkward, so please create a confirm call button.

  • bruhbruhbruh

    I have accidentally called people and they have accidentally called me. Please add a confirm button before the call starts.

  • StoicKiwi

    I've accidentally dialed an entire Group DM multiple times while trying to check the group users. This is made so much worse now that CallKit is enabled and it appears as a phone call for my iOS friends. 

    Maybe just add this feature for DMs with more than 3 people? It seems like it would be an easy fix.

  • red

    This is a common sense change. Please add this.

  • random

    Please do. it's almost embarrassing to have to apologize every other day for an accidental call when you're trying to search or checking something else. Highly needed.


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