allow boosted server's member using animated emojis


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  • username
    I disagree. I think that if Nitro Boost is implemented, it should have server benefits (like banner, invite, etc.) and not just Nitro perks for all members.
  • OFF

    I think it´s a bad idea, the way it is being implemented is very annoying if not tedious. You´ll have to get a lot of people to contribute to your server at all times and if they (or some) don´t you´ll simply lose all those perks in a span of three days.

    So you´re finally done with setting everything up, just to lose it again. Obviously there will be massive servers with a lot of Nitro users or perhaps servers that use X method to exploit users to buy it but I think the execution is just dumb and overall not worth it.

  • SamBro2901
    That definitely makes more sense. If a server has been boosted past a certain tier, the members should also get access to special perks such as using gif emotes since emotes is what makes Discord better and much more enjoyable.
  • Doggo

    i feel like tier 2 should let all users there use animated emojis from that server, but only in that server

  • kav2k

    Remember that Nitro perk is not just using animated emotes, but also cross-server emote usage. This proposal is to allow use of local animated emotes on the boosted server. I think Level 2 is probably appropriate for it.

  • NathanNorth
    this is a good idea and agreed to you. keep the good work. upvoted.
  • seanb

    Even if it was a "level 4" perk this is the only reason I'd want to use nitro.

  • TriforceGem

    I would LOVE to see this as a nitro booster. We have a small server, and myself and 1 other person can afford the $10 nitro to get the server to level 1. It would be nice if the people in the server could use animated emojis in only that server. Or maybe a small subset for level 1? I don't know if we'd ever make it to level 2 or 3 ^ ^; 

  • almostsuspense
    i don't want that
  • Shubamz

    Yes please! They already give non nitro members access to the higher 50MB upload limit at level 2


    And Nitro will still have a selling point of being able to use the emojis outside of that sever 

  • flan

    This is the exact reason I subbed to Nitro.

    Due to a communications error, those of us in a very small server thought we could all use animated emoji if the server were boosted to level 1.

    Of course, we knew that using a server's emoji on other servers was just a perk for the subscriber themselves and do not want to change that.

    This feature would have sold a few of us on subbing much sooner had it actually existed and been promoted.


    I just Subscribed last night thinking out server could use all of the emojis I downloaded to the server. I'm so disappointed that I'm the only one that can use them.

  • SirFendi

    I know I'm kinda late but how do I make it to where everybody has access to animated gif emojis.


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