Voice Chat Pop Up Overlay/Notification of Current User


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  • Gormi124

    What your are asking for is  the Discord Overlay. You can go to Settings -> Overlay and change "Show user" from "Always" to "Only when talking".

    I feel like it would be annoying having the name of the user/users talking always pop up and fade whenever they stop talking. Especially if there are 50+ users in the voice chat.
    As for the dedicated spot in the UI, it would probably not be that easy because the amount of people talking is not limited.

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  • D4rthB4n3

    This is correct but afaik the overlay only works when you are in a game. It would be super nice if this voice overlay could be toggled on indepandently from games. So a setting like "Always On", "When in game" and "Off"

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