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  • BTCAlchemist

    Please enable the user to go directly to their mention when pressing the down arrow at the bottom-right. As it stands now, the user can go to the channel where they are mentioned, but it can be very difficult to see the mention message if there are many other messages as well. The down arrow currently brings the user to the present message but could be modified so it brings the user to their next mention, next mention, eventually to the present.

    Please also build this arrow function for clicking origin messages in replies. Clicking an origin message in a reply jumps to the origin message, but user has a hard time finding the reply again. The down arrow could bring them back to the reply.

    The Telegram app utilizes the down arrow very well and helps the user stay on track with their mentions and with returning to messages after jumping to a reply origin message. Improving this would save users a lot of time and enhance their UX.

  • How is this not a thing yet? I want to be able to go directly to and scroll through all new mentions without having to sift through 8+ hours of messages!! o_o;

  • r3z

    At least on the iOS app, when you got a @mention notification and tap on it, it goes to last message on the channel, and not to the mention, and you have to scroll up and manually find the @mention! ... how can that even be the default?

  • Bl4ckSh33p

    Would be nice for the mobile app! You cant find your mentions if there are lots of people in a channel.



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