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  • hikayamasan353

    Getting shutdown and fear of lawsuits is not a valid concern over giving up serving children under 13 because the law states that PARENTAL CONSENT, not banishing kids (!!!) is required.

    Do you wanna read the actual piece of law?


    If you're going to consult with FTC about how you want to serve children, you will not get in trouble. Giving up on any and all service to children under 13 just because they will sue you over "lack of parental consent" is not protecting children's privacy at all. You clearly banish kids just to evade the law rather than protect children somehow.

    That's why there is such thing as parental consent. Because if you request parental consent, and provide direct notice to parents, you clearly intend to protect children's privacy, rather than if you simply banish them.

  • TheSecretNone

    Well there’s a point there

  • Yasai Uchiha

    to be honest its unfair that discord has to ban underage kids who are WAY MATURE then adults and teenagers.when i was at voice chat there was this kid who has a deep voice so i knew that he was at least a teenager. he kept putting earrape in voice chat while i was talking to a person who was underage, but i couldn't tell no one he was way mature then the deep voice kid i agree with hikayamasan353 and thesecretnone because they have good points and good details also other users have good details discord is just being so ignorant over this mess. literally when one underage kid says ''im 11'' literally gets banned thats literally freaked up and thats so ignorant discord staff are being imbeciles they should make their rules better

  • RaZz0R

    So my Son comes to my crying because Discord have disabled his account and its pending deletion because he was honest in answering questions they asked. 

    Now I am an IT specialist - I know what goes on in Discord and many comments here are dead right - most the kids are less rude and smarter than most over 13 on Discord! I also have his PC using pre-filtered DNS servers and other things the control his internet access, and he sits in the room next to my work office where I can see what he is doing. 

    Either way doing this to kids it's a kick in the guts and is teaching them that being honest doesn't bring a good outcome. I would think that is not the lesson Discord would want to teach younger kids. am I right? 

    But most of all it pisses me off because of having to deal with my Son being upset - at doing the right thing - got him banned off Discord. 

    In the end I'll make him 100 friggen accounts if I need to! Hell I am sure my gaming group, many whom are parents, would also get up on this! If anyone in Discord actually reads this stuff - I would highly recommend you guys doing something about it ASAP, or the masses will do something about it on our own, like - wouldn't take much for me to code up a linux box and host a kid version of discord and rip half of this app off! 

  • mastersaber

    As a server owner & admin to a 500+ all-ages welcomed gaming community, I believe discord should revise their 13 year old minimum age rule and allow any underage user to join their platform as long as they include someway to provide parent consent. If this means that underage users must be subscribed by credit card through nitro (the premium service) in order to verify that a parent/legal guardian allows discord to collect information from their child's account, then that should be a viable approach. While I understand that the regulation is discord's ultimate ruling, parents should be the ones to decide what their children can and cannot do, not a social media platform.

    While I did read the ToS, I had no idea that discord was taking a tougher stance on non-discord social media claiming that "server owners/servers that are aware of younger users will get banned or be shutdown" until a middle-aged friend of mine got his account locked out after accidentally giving off the wrong birthday on an age verification popup below that occurs mostly when attempting to enter nsfw-enabled channels. In the past, a nsfw-enabled channel would bounce you off if you chose not to view it. Now, you get an irritable popup, with no mention from discord about it, that doesn't go away if you close the client/browser and locks your account followed by a "your account is to be suspended" automated email that forces you to comply with the following: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041820932-Help-I-m-over-13-years-old-but-I-got-locked-out 
    Now that I am aware, I had to ban a sped 9 year old kid who was finally integrating with the community from re-entering. The whole experience felt wrong. Not only did I feel heart broken but so did my fellow staff mates. We could probably have been the only role model experience for the child, and if we did not do as discord mandated, we could have been shutdown under their terms of service. I understand that there are very adult-oriented servers out there that outright prey on children. However, there are also good social havens as well. I encourage all parents annoyed with barring younger kids from discord to read https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/complying-coppa-frequently-asked-questions and petitioning for a revision in their ruling. With enough angry parents involved, it should change. Until then, we have to follow discord's guidelines, no matter how angry or how much we disagree with them.

  • madz | 🤍 ジャック

    To all of the people who are saying, "Kids can be smarter than teens," Yes, we all know that. or "Kids who are under the age of 13 should be able to use Discord with parental supervision." But like, how do you exactly know that the parent will actually moderate their underage child's Discord account?

    A parent's email is simply not enough. And even with verifiable parental consent, that is consent that the parent allows their underage child to have social media. It doesn't mean parents will actually check the child's texts, pictures, whatever else is on their phone. I know many parents don't like checking their child's phone for texts, pictures, etc. because kids may not be able to trust their parents after that. And that's exactly why COPPA came into play. Because not every parent knows what their child is doing online. So big platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, etc. have to be the parents online and protect kids. They are doing more to make social media more safe for underage users, because of lawsuits. As far as I know, YouTube and Tik Tok got fined for MILLIONS!

    Apart from laws and other parents, my parents check my phone (rarely). But I know right from wrong, even if my parents never really explained social media to me. And I do regret starting social media at such an early age. I was about 10 years old and I didn't have much friends. I would be teased, bullied, and called mean names in school. So I just stuck to making friends online, and that's still me today. I have no friends that are in person, only online. I do struggle with social skills in real life. To be honest, I think starting social media at an early age made me antisocial / socially awkward. Kids don't need social media to be happy, popular, or to feel like someone. I think that is a lesson that ALL parents should teach their children. I learned the hard way.

    Overall, social media for kids under 13 isn't such a good idea. Not every child knows common sense online.

    To every kid who has social media and is below the age of 13, do your parents know that you have social media? If the answer to that question is no, then that's clear proof that not enough parents know what their children are doing online.



    • Verifiable Parental Consent seems too much for a child who will mostly likely turn 13 in a couple years...if the child is between the ages of 10-12.
    • And for the "Banishing kids from social media who are not at the right age to protect them is bullshit," wellllllllll, that's like saying: "Sending home kids who aren't wearing the correct clothes to school to create a safe environment is bullshit."
    • Bad example above? Alright. Lemme put it this way: "Banishing kids from social media who are not at the right age to protect them is bullshit," wellllllllll, that's like saying: "Sending kids to prison for distributing no-no stuff to protect them is bullshit."

    Do you see the point being made? The law doesn't care
    if you're mature. The age is final. That's why we have laws that doesn't allow young age groups to participate in many activities that are for much older people; such as drinking, smoking, voting...yeah.

    Here's my Discord, but I probably most likely be antisocial

    madz | 🤍 ジャック#0004

  • rocc

    I think its better if we kinda have like Roblox age features that censor the bad words, personal information, etc.

  • CodingMaster

    i agree children should be able to sign up if underaged or at least make it to 10 years old I am just suggesting something that may help the world when I was 10 i wanted to join discord but I didn’t cause I knew that I would get in trouble. When I was 10 years old I programmed in basic, python, php and sql plus I went to 2 robotic Olympics so that shows AGE DOES NOT MATTER!!!!!!

    if discord does this I expect 1.5 billion new users in discord.

  • Timkador

    I'm 11.

    I have been banned from roblox café Pastriez discord server, only because I'm 11.

    I don't understand why.

  • SG kingGames

    For the comment above (if not for Timkador)


    Discord TOS states that you must be 13 years of age to have a discord account. So that is why you were banned from the server.

  • Grimzafine

    So I have subjective age. So I am 10 but I feel I am 13. I was in a server and it was the only place I could express myself. I got banned from it for being underaged I fully respect their choice they didn't want to get their server taken down. I di feel with parental consent in multiple or only one way would be great as I've been crying for the last 5 hours because I lost all my friends. The only people who understand me. It was the only place I could go to cope with my loneliness and my sadness. I fully respect the owner, I always will they ran the server very professionally and I would hate to be the reason it got taken down. It was the only place I could express myself as a boy (I'm transgender but my family doesn't know.) Express myself as 13. Express myself as myself. I can make friends girl my anxiety destroys me when trying to talk to people i dont know. This whole situation has made my depression worse and made my suicidal thoughts more frequent. I tried to laugh it off with the owner so they wouldn't feel guilty for banning me they should never feel guilt for it. I was doing something against the rules. I loved my friends but their gone now. Imagine a more unstable kid than me. Losing all of their friends because of this. I just think parental supervision would be amazing in so many different ways. I would consider myself mature, I'm actually very sad I'm not enjoying life like other kids would, and losing all my friends kinda made me snap. I feel lost.

  • Grimzafine

    That may seem like I exaggerated "because I'm a kid" but I speak as truthful as I can. That's why I couldn't lie to the owner for to long.

  • DeveloperMaxx

    I think for the record if Discord had users that are kids, that's fine, Discord should be for all ages. There are other chat apps but Discord should be for kids because if someone from their school wants to chat, they can use Discord! I have some friends from Roblox that are under 13 (they're not at my school nor my city) and they have Discord, If you have a server and someone under 13 joins, don't just ban then. Let then stay, chat, and most importantly, have fun! (P.S I think Apple made Discord 12+ because sometimes users that are 12 uses 13+ apps because they are hardly 13. So if someone is 12 years old, just don't ban anyone that is 12. Banning people that are under 12 years is fine, I just recommend that you don't ban anyone just because they're under 13 or 12.)

    Thanks for knowing owners and admins!

    -DeveloperMaxx, Hardly Roblox Developer. (User: rxc_roblox)

  • xjdjssjsjwh2

    I am 10 years old.
    If someone is 10 years old and they are mature do we still get banned?

  • mad.

    I guess I’m here after a month later so hi.
    So are you guys saying that you should be able to use just Discord if you’re under the age of 13 with parent’s permission or is that for all social media out there? Like mentioned before, the law for age limits does NOT care if you’re mature. If you’re going to complain about Discord’s age limit, then I suggest you also complain about the age limit for drinking, driving, smoking, and the age of consent. Because clearly kids are growing up too fast nowadays and are in such a rush to grow up and do activities that are for much older people. Apparently, you get a free pass around the law if you’re mature...I can’t even 😂 So like what? We’re going to put a mature limit for all laws that have an age limit? If you believe in that, I respect your opinion, but don’t bring it to the Discord Support. Discord can’t do a thing about it because they don’t want to get sued. And that’s on that.


    I want to report an underage kid but discord wont let me, if a moderator sees this, please ban 395199275736367104 [user id] because he's 11, I dont understand why he even uses twitch reddit and youtube, parents moderating is not a reason to not ban him

  • hikayamasan353

    If you report underage users online, can you also report children going outside for a walk to Child Protective Services?

  • Joreetoes

    It feels unfair to get your age exposed to someone have the same server too, it feels like getting doxxed for no reason.

    I joined a server a person knew my age im trying to greet other users then i got banned, its like having your old friend expose you to alot of people that you dont know, you'll just felt let down and heartbroken.

    Since discord have a COPPA rule doesn't mean you should harm the person who is underage, plus is very personal for the person asking your age in the server, then if is a DM/PM and you told the person who ask your age, just to get banned.

    Here's why Discord is 13+

    1. Alot people swore, and kids might get that damn manner.
    2. Toxic server are always everywhere,
    3. Some are 18+ servers are there and kids are should not be allowed to view in it.

    Look im 10 yo, im an average student and im still learning, i hope this helps even some of them pretend not to be underage please be aware just warn the person who is underage instead of banning them, if you're a mod ask when the day they were born wait for them to 13 then everything will be fine.

    I rated discord as 10+ i see people's are underage like me it means is free for all 10 yo kids like me 

  • F O C U S

    Joreetoes, age is not personal, if you refuse to say your age, some servers will out-right ban you. And some servers even ask proof like voice chat.
    And oh boy, that's nowhere near doxxing.
    Doxxing = location, phone, name, email, birth, relatives/family.
    You have 0 clue what doxxing is like at that age.

  • IndominusRevenge

    I agree with F O C U S. Doxxing is not anywhere near getting JUST your age exposed. 

  • IndominusRevenge

    But, I think that the age limit should lower to 12 or Apple increases the Age rating. It may confuse some people who use Apple and think that they can be on Discord and later getting banned from a server while tryna explain to staff that 'Apple's rating is 12!' while the staff are confused af as some may not use Apple.

  • Frankie ETS2

    My account is managed by my parents email address what shows i obviously have permission. But when i'm on discord servers i always get kicked and none of them actually knew this. So if i'm under 13 i have parents permission reading this will let me use discord. But if i show them this they just say "Ooo you need to be over 13 kid"


    So what needs to happen kids under 13 should be allowed but with parents permission. But without parents permission they should be kicked or banned.

  • DiskDrive

    okay, if the app specifically had parental controls and more things to protect children, then it would be okay. I understand what to say no to. Most 10-12 year olds know what to say no to. They're probably way smarter than more other people. Discord is used by under 13s for talking to friends as far as I know, and if not, they mostly get along with over 13s. The point is, it would be better for under 13s be restricted from certain servers. (Possibly a under 13 section for servers?)

  • DeveloperMaxx

    Ok, do some of you know that Facebook made a app called Messager Kids for kids to talk? Discord should do the same. There should be a Discord Kids app for underage and swear words can be tagged like Roblox and if someone is overage then they can be reported and banned.

  • DeveloperMaxx

    Also, if Discord is for 13+. then why is there no What is your age when you signup?

  • Duck

    I agree. There is no reason for Discord to not follow COPPA. godminecraftkid10000, Discord will just ban kids who abuse and harass, and keep the kids who are respectful. I mean like, what's the problem, if parents know the risks and accept it? 'We do this to keep our users safe and ensure they don't encounter material that's not appropriate for them.". Parents can decide whether it is appropriate or not, and if they will take the risk. Discord hasn't replied to this, but I believe this should be a vital post.

  • Duck

    DeveloperMaxx, there is a 'what year were you born in' when you sign up.

  • AshPatched

    COPPA need to fix its crap, Also kids should be allowed to watch YouTube, I know there is YouTube kids and I tried that when I was a kid, The stuff on there is shows for 7 year olds, I didn't like how cringey it was

  • AkariSun

    Well, there are some issues with COPPA.
    Server owners/Server staff are banning Underage children due to the fact that it says in discord's ToS that you must be 13+ to use the platform.

    In my opinion, discord should allow children under the age of 13. Though they would need to add more restrictions. IF they consider making a change to the ToS and updating it, removing the rule that you must be 13 or older to use the social media platform.

    However, discord has reasons to why it is 13+.
    (These are most likely not every reason!)

    •Users use cuss words and or inappropriate vocabulary to describe things not suitable for a child underage. Or simply just saying a word that is inappropriate would not be suitable for such an age.

    •NSFW-Labeled chat rooms
    Once again, inappropriate messages and images found in the labeled chat room is not suitable for children under the age of 13.

    •Disrespectful users
    A user could say something disrespectful that is directed to the child which could make the child feel negative emotions.

    There are more reasons which I have not covered just yet.

    Some features should be removed for underage children.

    Similar to Roblox's filter. Which blocks out private information such as age and adress. Perhaps inappropriate words too.(If you read this incorrectly, this is just some ideas to block out for children under the age of 13. Not for everyone! I did not include everything counted as private information like Emails because I was only giving examples.)

    I apologize if this message was confusing.

  • i identify as a cinamon stick

    So guys i am underage 12 to be exact and my parents dont understand english and dont know how to use discord so they wont be able to manage my accout and im in a server and i want to tell the owner that im underage but im afraid that he might kick me and by that i wont be able to see all the people that i love and like to chat with what should i do

    edit: there is no translation to my language in discord whice is arabic so i cant even translate it so they might have a chance to understand it and even there was i only talk in english in it


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