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  • УD

    are you serious??? NONE OF THE HATERS ARE LISTENING!!!!! We are NOT saying discord should get sued by coppa!!! we are saying discord should stop being lazy and allow kids with parental permission to join, and THAT IS ALLOWED BY COPPA!!!!!

  • УD

    i like how the comments that are correctly saying that it is against the law are downvoted smh

    because it is NOT against the law. you are not paying attention to this thread at all. COPPA law states that it is ok for kids to register accounts as long as they have parental consent.

    Then you have the lowest reading comprehension I've seen in this thread so far. Because there's nothing arbitrary about what I'm saying. That or you have no idea what the word "arbitrary" means.

    uh-huh? then explain to me if it is not an arbitrary argument, why have you provided no reasoning for it?

    Sure, and you're just another parent trying to shirk the responsibility of raising and socializing a child onto the Internet because you can't be bothered to spend time with your own son before he's old enough to have no interest in spending time with you anymore. (Because that's what happens when teenage years set in)

    you are also missing the point of this thread. even if a parent is lazy and doesn't monitor their child online, it is still their responsibility, not the government's. so coppa is actually encouraging parents to be lazy about monitoring their children online, by not letting children online in the first place.

    You're right, we should also lower the minimal age for signing up for the draft., let's make it 6. While we're at it, let's give them alcohol, drugs and access to nicotine products and firearms. The environment doesn't matter, right?

    THAT IS A COMPLETELY UNRELATED ISSUE. HOW DARE YOU TRY TO DRAG THAT INTO THIS. those things are only allowed to adults because it could KILL a child. the internet CANNOT kill children, it can't kill anyone at all. it seems you are less qualified to be on this thread than even the derogatory stereotype of children that you have allowed to seep into your head. it would be easier for everyone if you never spoke here again, because there is obviously no point in trying to change your mind. so go on and leave.

  • УD

    i am sick and tired of everyone completely ignoring important details about this situation and making ridiculous nonsensical claims and comparisons.

    2. DISCORD IS THE REASON WHY THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. coppa CLEARLY STATES that it is fine for users to be underage AS LONG AS THEY HAVE PARENTAL CONSENT, however, discord is ignoring that, and instead bans EVERYONE UNDER 13, NO MATTER WHAT.
    3. despite that, COPPA IS STILL A MAJOR PART OF THE PROBLEM. the ftc created the coppa rule in the first place, and they seem to be completely ignorant of the lazy approaches that many websites take today. because of this, it's obvious that their goal is not actually to protect children, as you cannot protect someone from potential danger (emphasis on potential) if they aren't even allowed to get close enough to see it. they don't actually care about children's safety, they just made this law so that they wouldn't be held liable if children actually were harmed by the internet (not physically, remember the internet cannot physically harm you).
    4. YES, THERE IS A REASON FOR CHILDREN TO USE THE INTERNET. in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world, everyone is at risk of potential death when they go outside (i am not saying masks and vaccines are useless against this, but there is still a very tiny chance you could catch it despite having used them). this means children cannot go outside to play with their friends, or even talk to them. so the only people you can talk to are people living in the same house as you, or people you can contact via internet, and that is one of the MANY reasons children want to use the internet. other reasons have already been listed in this thread.
    5. YES, THERE IS A REASON FOR CHILDREN TO BE ALLOWED REGISTRATION. while there are 7.9B humans in total, 2.1B of those are children, which is over a quarter of the total population. as a corporation, banning all of those people from your service is allowing yourself to miss billions of potential users and even sales, because parents could buy discord nitro for their kids if they could actually let their kids on discord.
    6. NO, CHILDREN AREN'T THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO HATE IT. many parents hate it too, as well as any friends and/or older siblings that children dealing with this issue may have, and don't forget about all the people on this thread who were disappointed when a very helpful member of their community had to leave for several years until some magical arbitrary number that was counting the amount of times that earth had cycled around the sun since the member's birth date (although not counting extra hours for some reason, it always aligns to midnight) reached exactly 13.
    7. NO, IT DOESN'T WORK IN PRACTICE. in theory, this law could potentially be a good idea, but the people enforcing it don't even seem to care about child safety, for reasons listed above. on top of that, it is exceptionally easy to get around, so easy in fact that some people are underage on this site right now and don't even know that the rule exists. it is only actually enforced when someone says they're under 13 and then their account immediately gets deleted.
    8. YES, THESE LIMITS ARE ARBITRARY. there is no psychological development that improves someone's intelligence/wisdom/common sense that happens when they turn exactly 13 years old to justify this discrimination. there isn't even something that happens when they're 12.9 years old and the law is just rounding up. no, these changes happen gradually over time. in many cases it may happen before a child even turns 10, meaning there is no reason to continue limiting them, or sometimes it never happens in a person's entire lifespan over several decades, meaning there is no reason to stop limiting them.
    9. NO, "TOO MUCH HARD WORK" IS NOT AN EXCUSE. first of all, if this is the reason a company decides not to let kids on their platform, especially one of discord's size, then they are just being lazy to try to get extra profit. setting up a parent verification system and consistently handling it for every request would not be too hard to do for a company that size, in fact, they're probably spending the exact same amount of resources as they would on that just by handling all the emails from angry kids and angry parents. there is not even a monetary gain from this, as setting up said system would only take a small amount of money across a small amount of time, and it would encourage parents to spend money on nitro for their kids for as long as discord's entire lifespan, as there is no worry about their child getting unfairly banned and letting their money go to waste. hell, they could even be generic-corporate-greedy and force parents to use credit card verification, a suggestion i've seen several times on this thread, to get even more money out of it. although, they probably would still get hate for that, seeing as it is even more insulting to force kids to pay to use a service than it is to not let them use it at all. and i'm not saying they should require credit card verification, i would hate it a lot myself, but i'm just saying that from their generic-corporate-greedy perspective, it just seems like they have no common sense to not take that path.

    deleting children's accounts is also a stupid choice, as that means all of their very hard work is lost, and they have to wait several years to get it back only to learn that they have to do it all over again, and who can remember all their friends' usernames for that long? (you could type it in notepad and save it which would also prove that you are very smart and don't need this law to """"""""""""""""protect"""""""""""""""" you.)

    also, yes, i did use to think that coppa wouldn't let you collect kids' info even with parental consent, but that was 2 years ago. plus, the law is still overlooking several things, like what if the parents are abusive and the child has to use the internet to call for help but can't because of this law? and don't say they could call 911 on their phone, most kids don't have a phone, or they do but it's on a """"""""""""""""child's account"""""""""""""""" and they can't make any phone calls on it.

    (unimportant but when i proofread this i imagined it in matpat's voice)

  • Balzarine Mythus


    (Unfortunately your name is using ridiculous characters in an attempt to be unique and I can't be bothered to ping you directly)


    Clearly you're the one that doesn't understand. None of the things I listed can directly harm you by themselves. The harm comes from misuse of those things. Alcohol is not inherently dangerous and neither is a firearm, the danger comes from improper use and abuse of the substance/object. Children are far more susceptible to being tricked by adults of which Discord has many and in fact this is a daily occurrence already. Kids are also far more likely to "overshare" exposing their identity and opening themselves up to doxing and extortion. If you're under the impression that exploitation of minors doesn't occur on discord, you are mistaken at best, delusional/complicit at worst.


    No, it isn't. This policy is the same across most social networking websites. As you already wrote "Parents should be responsible, not the government" Discord does not want to be responsible for monitoring and protecting your child and it's easier for them and every other website to deny people under a certain age access than it is to let them in. These minors are in most cases not paying customers, they bring no revenue to Discord and they cannot be directly advertised to (As per COPPA) their data can not be collected and sold. People under 13 are literally nothing but a liability for companies, and Discord has every right to deny them service because of it. Why do you blame discord for not wanting to play Step Daddy to a bunch of kids?


    Irrelevant. We're not discussing a blanket ban of children from the internet, so I wont address this point further because it's meaningless and adds nothing to the conversation.


    Doesn't matter, it's discord policy and anything we say against or for their decision is nothing but our opinion. Discord cannot be forced to change it's policy and the only way they're going to do so is if there's an incentive for it. Playing Step parent to a bunch of kids that act as nothing more than a potential legal liability is not an incentive. Take it up with your local legislator and your state representative, not Discord.


    Again, irrelevant. Your agreement to a policy is not important, what's important is that you agree to it when you use the platform. I don't like that my branch bank can suspend my account and I quote "For any reason, or no reason at all" and lock up my funds until they deliver them to me via check either, but I guarantee you your bank does that too (since almost all of them reserve the right to close you account for literally no reason). It's the cost of doing business. It's almost like no one ever bothers to read the TOS until it directly affects them.


    How is this discords problem? Again, complain to your local legislator and state representatives. Discord did not have a hand in the implementation of COPPA. Sounds like your beef is with congress, not Discord.


    Again, this has absolutely nothing to do with discord. The entire argument is supposed to be why discord should allow children onto the platform and from a legal perspective there is no reason at all to do so. They are a liability that offers nothing in return.


    First of all, hard work isn't the only issue. As I've already explained people under 13 are a legal liability. It's a lawsuit just waiting top happen and it's why Youtube had such a ridiculous upheaval because of it. We've already seen COPPA destroy communities and effect websites negatively when children are allowed to use them, I see no reason to let it happen to discord just because little Timmy believes his entire life consists of ages 10-12 and doesn't realize he's got about 60 more years ahead of him to use Discord.

    "deleting children's accounts is also a stupid choice"

    Making an account even though it's very clearly against TOS for you to do so is the stupid choice. Having your account deleted is the consequence of that stupid choice. Most adults understand the idea of a "contract" when you agree you use discord, you agree to follow their rules. One of which is that you must be of a certain age. Violation of that contract is naturally going to result in repercussions. Welcome to Life.

    'like what if the parents are abusive and the child has to use the internet to call for help but can't because of this law? and don't say they could call 911 on their phone, most kids don't have a phone, or they do but it's on a """"""""""""""""child's account"""""""""""""""" and they can't make any phone calls on it."

    First of all, every single phone is able to make calls to emergency services. All cellphones are required by law to be allowed to call 911, even if the phone has no server (AKA you don't have a sim card or the sim is deactivated and even if the phone is locked behind a passcode. You can still call emergency services) Regardless, this is still irrelevant. Discord isn't law enforcement, it's not their job and frankly this is a ridiculous hypothetical that has no bearing on the actual conversation.

    " it seems you are less qualified to be on this thread than even the derogatory stereotype of children that you have allowed to seep into your head."

    Certainly more qualified than the person treating discord feedback as if it's a congressional hearing.

    "it would be easier for everyone if you never spoke here again, because there is obviously no point in trying to change your mind."

    Correct, there is no point in trying to change my mind and this also isn't reddit. That's not what discord feedback exists for. Someone makes a suggestion, and people voice either their support or opposition of that suggestion. You just don't like that I'm part of the opposition, rather than the support.

  • tech commander

    Mostly everyone in this post agrees that Discord should allow underage 13 users to the service. I 100% agree with that. Some underage users needed Discord during COVID to contact teachers and classmates for school assignments. Discord, you should really think about this topic and allow it soon.

  • Noob thing

    Well I got banned in some server because they accusing me underage. How? Well I just answer math question wrong. This is STUPID. Math question doesn't prove at all about ages. Because some adults or teens can't solve that question. What server? Do I should tell? No. How old are you? Are you police or Discord mod? If not then SHUT. 

    How to hunt underages if they know I know too.
    1.Talking to them to see that he/she is immature
    2.Force him/her to join VC (I don't recommend you to do this)
    3.Hard math question (Still not recommend you to do this)

    4.Ask he/she like "Do you have bank account?"(I don't know who use this attempt)

    5.Tell he/she get ID card to prove (HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO SAY AGAIN? I don't recommend this)

    If you honest who is underage. They will absolutely ban. Oh By The Way everything I said above is true and I don't care you underage or not. Just do not swearing or anything. Bye.



  • hikayamasan353

    Noob thing

    Did you read the thread? I told you this thread is NOT about hunting for kids under 13. Again, if you think it's lawful and protective to report children under 13 on social media, then it is also lawful to report children under 13 in parks, shopping malls and street to Child Protective Services or police. 

    I told you and everyone else everything - and I mean it - about why I disagree with this practice, as well as banishing kids under 13 and not obtaining parental consent. You want me to repeat it?

    • Kids will still lie about their age, parents will always help it. It was proven by Danah Boyd from New York University via a social study. Therefore it's a fact.
    • Waiting until 13 will never protect you from any dangers online - because they can be offline too, and someone may try to rat or gossip about you online behind your back. If making children wait until they turn 13 really empowers parents (which were the intentions of COPPA), then only the most authoritarian and overprotective parent would agree with this (as well as keeping kids under 13 indoors, too).
    • COPPA mandates obtaining parental consent, not kicking children off (if you want to see please read 16 CFR 312.3). The fact that FTC literally ignores the situation of websites simply banishing children has literally enabled this situation, as well as operators treating children as liabilities and doing whatever it takes to refuse to serve them. Parental consent is not a burden, it's a requirement under the law.
    • There are reasons why children under 13 use social media - most important being socializing and making friends (not to mention things such as having no one around your area or the pandemic)
    • Banishing kids under 13 still won't protect you from lawsuits by FTC (YouTube COPPA lawsuit is a great example of it, the lawsuit was because it collected cookies from guest users, assuming all of them were children under 13. All while they are age-gating everyone).
  • Noob thing


    I didn't hunt children in social media because I don't like that. and I don't report kids in my server because I protect them and I never asking age because it stupid. I didn't mean to guide how to hunt underage. I just show how they prove these kids and I didn't support hunt underage at all. Also I don't report kids at outside and social media.

  • mcdonald worker

    i hate coppa

  • Conan

    personally I don't think that anyone under 13 should be allowed

    it's really god damn easy  to access NSFW even if you're underage with all you have to do is click a button

  • Official _Prime Gaming

    I have a question fot discord : HOW am I supposed to know who is underage in my server , discord have to make a system that founds people underage because I can be banned and my server xan be ended if I have underaged people in my server

  • XB1uesky

    I think they should really reduce minimum age (in the USA at least) by 1-2 years because I think the minimum age is kind of a little too old. Just at least let some under 13 users in.


  • EarthPenguin861

    What if the kid doesn't have the guardian permission and does sign up

  • spagettae ♡

    They can't.To put it simple COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection) (you can read more here https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/rules/rulemaking-regulatory-reform-proceedings/childrens-online-privacy-protection-rule) but basically any app/program that sells/collects info about the underage child may not be for underage individuals only 13+

  • hikayamasan353

    spagettae ♡

    The "certain requirements" of COPPA are obtaining parental consent. You haven't even read the WHOLE law. A software or a website can actually legally collect personal information from children under 13 if they obtain parental consent.


  • spagettae ♡


    No matter how much parental consent they have Discord can't really unban underage accounts.

  • hikayamasan353

    spagettae ♡

    But Discord can obtain parental consent to let the kids register. Just like Roblox, Facebook Messenger Kids and Google Family Link does. COPPA doesn't prohibit collecting kids personal information altogether, it only requires websites to obtain parental consent if they do so. This very thread is all about implementing parental consent mechanism on Discord so that kids can register without having to lie about their age.

  • Your Disappointment

    Honestly, banning should be about behavior, not age

  • NoobGrammer69

    In my opinion, children should be able to use Discord. Normally, children who could find their ways to Discord would be mature enough to act like a teenager. Kids around the age of 8 to 11 are mature to act like teenagers, or even adults, nowadays. The only point to limit kids from accessing Discord, besides the stupid COPPA, is to prevent them from accessing bad people, posts, images and messages. DO YOU REALIZE HOW STUPID THIS IS? As I previously mentioned, kids who can Google their way to this chat service are usually mature. They usually stay away from these bad things. For example, if someone said a swear word or posted a p*rn image, they would immediately notice that and find a trustable community without these NSFW things. However, most of the case, everything is perfectly child-friendly in most servers. The ironic things is that some servers said that everything should be child-friendly but NO CHILDREN! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS LAW? Bans should be based on their mental maturity, not age. Some very nice people were banned simply because they told the server that they are 10 or 11, but they act like very mature adults with proper manners.

  • Your Disappointment

    And replying to Official_Prime Gaming, I don't really think there's a way to know somebody's age online that's guaranteed to be true 100%. You just have to wait for them to tell the truth or get close to them so they trust you

    Additionally, y'all shouldn't really discriminate against age, because then it would make somebody afraid to tell their real age and they would lie. For example, don't go "Ugh, these days 13-14 year olds are so bratty and spoiled" (saw someone saying that the other day) because there's a change someone is 13 or 14, and that kinda hurts them

  • Noob thing

    i saw so many 13-15 age guys. they are shouting,swearing,play loud music and i mean some of them. now lets look about under 13 guys. they are good. i think discord should stop age limit and reduce it. it's like under 13 are BAD under 13 are STUPID under 13 SHOULD NOT LIVE. bruh they accusing everyone to hope that no under 13 here. BRUH. sometimes 18+ guy got accuse under 13. B R U H. btw sometimes i hate teens and i almost suicide because got banned for that reasons and got accused. im crying on bed and find the server that low under 13 hunting and i found this server down below btw i didn't join this argue and please don't do anything to fawful (if fawful see this i am so sorry pls dont ban me)

  • legorocks2122

    There is a seeting where you can disable tracking and collecting data

  • Syntab

    If >13's were allowed on Discord then it would ruin the platform. Most of them are annoying and toxic.

  • EarthPenguin861

    beefysoul add me my name is EarthPenguin861#1709


  • УD

    about tos, if every tos in existence bans kids, kids cannot do anything! so there is no point in them existing but when they turn 13 they still don't know internet safety because the internet bans kids they can't find the information

  • УD


    the law: *discriminates against every single minority in existence and allows people in power to exploit and control everyone else*

    then broke people will die because they have to follow the law to not steal food even though it should be accessible to everyone as stated in the constitution of t.U.S.

    USA: FREEDOM!* (*only if you're rich)


    so law sucks but people are suckers for law. are really? i cannot believe that this world itravsfljvnhk falm

  • legorocks2122

    on discord you must send a Id document to prove your over 13 i think

  • Tiger

    Many people say that discord isn’t safe because of certain reasons like doxxing so implement a system where if you give one message link discord has access to the whole conversation, this way pedophilia and doxxing can be reported. This offers for more tools like where to start in the conversation and where to end. Also make it so more things are against the rules, like cyberbullying or continuously doing something after they told you to stop, and doing something to someone knowing they are a certain age/sensitive with jokes/ect.

  • bob is epic

    Syntab  Some of them but not all tho

  • Studios_C

    I think discord should consider under 13 because there are so many responsibilities in making sure that so called children are not able to cheese their way through. I got banned on a discord server because the first thing they asked me when i entered a voice chat(out of curiosity) is "What is you age?" I can just look back and tell that they didn't not want their server to be shut down as they were taking utmost precaution. When they asked I paused and said my age. A few minutes later and BOOM i get banned. I understand what is happening but i would really like a bit of consideration. There are many voices out there that would support this



    {P.S I am not opposing anyone. Just giving my statement}.


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