Create something like '' for Discord Nitro!


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  • balestrero

    Wasn't aware of but seems like a cool idea. Would be nice to see something similar or an integration with Discord.


  • oil man

    It will be a thing with new live streaming feature and guild video features.

  • jumpforj0y

    Yes please acquire or simulate rabbit!! a text chat and a screenshare with sound. Maybe something that you can only broadcast if you have nitro but anyone can watch

  • hexx

    i mean technically you can already do this. it's against the tos but you can do it with a user account and a group dm.

    they're introducing guild video sharing so i presume it's going to be added to the api eventually

  • Jam

    Video sharing is similar, just has high latency and is sometimes unreliable. I would like a way to put in a video link, and have a central server broadcast it to reduce latency.


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