More loading screen messages!


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  • Amaroq Softfur

    Cleaning the Contacts.
    Watching Player 2's Screen.
    Replugging the Controller.
    Feeling the TV hum.

  • fruit

    I hope that’s vegan friendly

  • Axton

    We were asked to provide new quotes about a year ago, still haven't seen any new ones since then. whats up?

  • Dogg-Thor

    I have another one, too;

    Looking up C.I.A.-Identifier

  • Scorciad

    YES!  I miss the ones that were there before the game store update—there were tons of fun jokes in relation to movies, games, events, food, and that's not to say that the ones that are there now aren't good, but.... they're always the same.  There are only so many times I can chuckle at "unbenching the kench" and "proclaigerizing the network" etc.  They're good, but plz bring back the old ones and put in some new ones too!  I used to look forward to the discord loading screen and guessing at if I'd see "yahaha!" or "everything in the world either is a potato or isn't a potato", or a new one.

  • Metgath Mentric

    What does  proclaigerizing mean? from my searches it is unique to Discord. The only sites that mention it but not Discord give 404 or 403 errors.


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