"Now playing" tab to be whitelist


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  • Dioinecail

    Bump, it bothers me too, i don't want to see strangers on my Now Playing tab, this is the landing page of discord and i would like it to contain only the most important information for me, like what my friends are playing and not some strangers on the internet.


    Sure it may seem obvious that my friends are there too, but right now friends are shown by an alphabetical ascending order and have no priority over strangers.


    Either make it customisable to show "Friends only" or "Friends first then strangers" and so on.



  • howong

    I agree. I have to manually deselect the "show on activity feed button" for every single random person that appears in the "Now Playing" and "Recently Played" tabs. It was not too much work in the previous days, but today I logged in and I see 15 strangers in "Now Playing" and 33+ strangers in "Recently Played" (not to mention 5 games that I normally don't play nor care about showing up here due to stranger activities). Going through all of those people to manually hide each one is way too tedious, especially if I have to do it again every few days. Please add a settings option to hide non-friends from showing up in the "Now Playing" and "Recently Played" tabs.

  • Ryteck

    I don't understand how a "Friends Only" feature hasn't been implemented for this yet or have all strangers "Show on Activity Feed" set to off by default. 

    It is still a very dissatisfying experience in its current state.

    I have even left some of my friends servers just because the sheer amount of strangers they have on them. Going in to individually turn off everyone's "Show on Activity Feed" would take hours I would rather be doing something enjoyable.

  • Fang

    Yeah I'm gonna switch to Teamspeak 5 if this type of junk continues to make its way into Discord.


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