Separate Volume Sliders


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  • boss
    I wouldnt use it, but sounds nice
  • Mou

    You can change both of these in the volume mixer (when you are in a call, a second Discord process pops up in there) but it just resets back to the volume the notification sound was set to after a call ends/ pc restart which is kind of annoying.

  • ellabay

    THIS! 100% this! I second Mou's comment as well.

    Volume mixer is not reliable (I am on Windows 10). Every time I restart my computer and join discord I open volume mixer and lower the Discord Notification volume to 1% and leave the volume for my friends' voices up. However, these are both titled 'Discord' in volume mixer and therefore it takes an extra few minutes to determine which is which.

    Another inconvenience is when I log onto the PC the next day, Windows tries to "remember" the volume I left it at, but it only remembers that I muted Discord Notifications and the process starts all over again.

    Proposed solution: the separate volume sliders Emdems recommends within Discord audio settings for notifications and voices to avoid all of this. Save the ear bleeds!

  • Longsday

    Up topic!

  • kuroma

    Mou Windows is too stupid for this, each time you restart the PC it sets ALL volume sliders of discord to the same (low) level you set the notification sound. because in the end they belong to the same application but a different process.

    it would be far easier to just have this option in discord.


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