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  • DeepBlueAFK

    WTF ? I have been trying to log in for the last 3 days and have been getting the run around. You guys are sucking big time.


  • DeepBlueAFK

    That impossible to decipher "pick a photo with...." is the most incredibly frustrating thing on earth.

  • Kilo_Mike

    This is not a new location. Do you think I have been on holiday, or moved town? Do you need to verify your location every time? Do you need to prove you are not a robot every time? If not, tell me your secret so I do not have to put up with it EVERY TIME.

  • BuzzAlderon

    Good to see this thread is of no help...

  • dannythewall

    I agree. I move a lot for work, also internationally, and also use VPN, and I get this requirement to login so much that I basically don't want to use Discord anymore. 

  • Brennaa

    how does one FIX this horse crap once you have it keep giving you a run around , and wont send emails etc n no one at discord does crap to help ... I wish a solution to fix this crap..please help 

  • haris2

    just go in start menu ...type %temp% in search .....and delete all folders ........then login to discord ....it will work 100% 

  • EzioBoiz

    hey guys I am warning you don't use any application to connect with the Discord api which requires your token becz the things that happened to me can happen with you too so my account got hacked last night and raided my own server with 1600 members and banned me from that server and now maked it a coding server becz I joined it from my alt account be safe guys

  • 'raptor'

    if anyone still understand if it says "new login location detected" go to your email and find the email sent to you by discord then scroll down some them click authorize then once you have authorized it, go back to your device and login. 

  • SpeedoAids

    I used a temporary email,I was try to get back to one of my friends, and now i can't because of this goat crap!Literally I hate this,can someone help me?His username had "Koro" in it and had a bakery server.I need help.

  • iNgeon

    Whatever happend to the "Discord Login : The new location detected"
    I have not seen ths in a long time. I remember some users didnt like this but they need to bring this back for more secure users.

  • h3llhoundkhan

    THIS APP SUCKS! DISCORD SUCKS! I can't access the app on my phone cause someone tried to log in on my accountm it says "Location has been change" check email.... I can't even change my location back or whatever... They need get rid of "location" and fix this shit! not going use discord again.... Hello KIK

  • Soni Malik

    Found great resource on this and i was able to understand & resolve the issue:  New Login Location Detected Discord

  • Knd651986

    I need serious help,the discord community i need help asap i was trying to make a discord account long time ago i couldn't do it but my friend made a account for me and the email he gave me was not usable like it doesn't get emails. but im getting new login location detected error i need help i have so many close friends i dont want to lose them all please help me.





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