Fixing 2FA


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  • IHavePartsAndFPE

    I honestly don't know why this post is getting down votes, this is a good idea to fix the problems of lost accounts

  • Jeffrey
    I just had to factory reset my phone and I still was able to access my account by using my phone number verification code. I don't really think that it needs to be changed
  • Train3r R3D

    i reply to the gmail and the supporter is not getting my main account back that i lost! the supporter sucks and wants my main account deleted idk whats wrong with supporters. that will be great idea!

  • FstMario



    2FA is completely and utterly inept right now, it's impossible to get codes or have a QR link that remotely works. It's a broken system that simply allows people to be locked out of their accounts

  • Ada

    Lost my main account that i've had since 2016, it's had countless discord nitros and has multiple accounts linked into it. It's also still linked onto the original email and has the same phone number hooked up to it. But just because I don't have my 2auth codes they disallow me from recovering my account. You'd think having all that information would be enough to get your account back.

  • Lor Is Deleted

    you guys wanna know the weird thing? when you send email to the support team and the automated bot sends you a link to article about deleting your account you're actually logged into your lost account but only for that page for some odd reason. kinda sad that all this can be avoided by a simple link


  • 𝓕𝓪𝓭3𝓭 𝓜3𝓶𝓸𝓻𝔂

    I can't log into the app with my backup codes right now and the sms codes aren't even being sent. So far I can only log in using my desktop unless for some reason I get logged out and lose my account completely.

  • neon

    Fad3dM3mory you can disable 2FA on your desktop using a backup code (no dashes or anything). That way you should be able to log in to your app, it worked for me


  • Skeppy8924

    I have the same problem. I Reseted my phone fully and lost my  Google Authenticator and I also lost my Backup codes. R.I.P Account

    This is my alt account, my Main is Skeppy 2.0#8618


  • Clone

    I have a suggestion, what if an account that is inactive or not logged in in six months will be deleted.
    But, a month before will get a notification from the discord bot to ask the status of their account usage.
    I hope they eliminate 2FA for accounts that have been inactive for several months.

  • Insane Proxy

    I feel like there should be a way for the original account owner to obtain their account back if they're requesting from the original email. It makes no sense to me that you can delete an account but can't recover it. I had to reset my tablet and the browser version keeps logging me out, so when I went to log in on my tablet I wasn't logged in anywhere. This feels so unfair, especially when I've been paying for Nitro for well over a year. At least they refunded my money for this month. Most other services have ways to fix this, why doesn't Discord? 

  • foxehkins

    This same exact thing happened to me. I was so mad to have lost my original account and of course support couldn't help. Blizzard is great with verifying you if you aren't able to get into your account, but Discord doesn't even want to work with us in retrieving them. 

  • Clone

    I still hope my account returns.

    Everyone must have a screenshot of the code used to make 2FA, so if something bad happens, you only need to re-generate the code with the screenshot that you have.

    Unfortunately I do not.

  • Waffles_Alt

    I lost my account weeks ago (which explains my username) and ive tried everything to get it back. Most accounts that I have like my Playstation and Blizzard account have simple and easy ways to get back your account but for some reason if your locked out of your discord, your completely stuck. They REALLY need to fix this man.

  • Clone

    I know that my account is not used too often, is not popular and is not very important to others, but can you give an exception just for me.

    Please 🙏



  • Clone

    -1 ?
    I'll assume it's a "no".
    It's 👌

  • xdeathcake

    I have trouble logging into my account using my phone and my computer is currently broken, so I can’t look at backup codes. I can’t login, please help Discord....

  • Clone

    @𝙭𝙙𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙝𝙘𝙖𝙠𝙚 R.I.P your account.

    BTW, I'm still following this topic, because I still care about my account.

  • Chainee

    I have the same problem. Although i dont have much in that account i really care for my game levels 🥺🥺🧐

  • Clone

    I will wait up to a year from my request to regain access to my account, maybe they will change their mind.

  • 1𝒦𝟤𝒞𝟥𝑀

    I could not agree more.  I had my phone and laptop stolen.  I was unable to get my old phone number back because I had reported my phone stolen and purchase a new phone plan requiring me to get a new number ($$).  Later I attempted to get my old number I was told it had been reassigned and the new user will not respond to messages requesting the discord code.  

  • ʸᵉᵃ ˡᵒˡ

    Omg I know this is totally late. But I've had the same problem as well. I'm on my alt acc right now but I lost my og account a year ago. Apparently, I have a ss of the security key to my Google authenticator. Can that help somehow?

  • ENZO

    I'm also having the same issue, this is really depressing. I am writing this from an alt. I really don't want to lose 4 years' worth of memories. How come services like Google and Playstation are willing to understand if you do not have your 2FA and back-up? There are so many services out there that will give you some leeway if you forget those two. Yet, Discord does nothing for you. Don't they have access to see stuff such as your birthday? Can't they introduce a system of security emails? Why do I need 2FA to change my password if I am literally accessing it from the email that my account is assigned to, I get that it's a security measure, but it just seems really unreasonable that they cannot make an exception when you contact support to get an account back. It's highly anti-consumer and they need to fix this urgently.

  • godz

    Second account, other account had nitro that someone had bought for me. I had been using that account for 2 years. First time I have ever needed to use this account. I think this is a good idea. Upvote

  • ʸᵉᵃ ˡᵒˡ

    I'm honestly so glad I'm not alone in this. I thought I was the only one who made this mistake. I heard Discord is working on adding new 2FA features. Hopefully we will get some real help.

  • SeineMausiCakes💜

    That’s the problem we are all alone on this. They’re never gonna help us !

  • Oofing progress

    Ok so... my phone just pooped and my discord account automatically logged out because i stop using my computer for a while (wow discord very cool) and now i'm using this account until i get my phone back, use my number phone to get a verification code and log again




  • soundslame


  • sheppard1k

    if there a way to get your backup codes through email?


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