New Feature request to support live streaming from macs



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  • Brightness
    As far as I know, it is possible to watch streams on Mac - just not be the streamer. I really hope that streaming is available on Mac soon, though.
  • ay3dee

    I host 99% of the game nights on my server, and I'm a Mac user. Disappointed that I'll have to stick to Twitch for now

  • MH_2351

    Its seems that with the gaming community they think that most gamers are only on windows but I play ETS2 and MC and want to stream it to my friends. 

  • erland

    we need mac support


  • Assasingus14

    Please, lets get that mac support for streaming!!! Other streaming services such as Kast are not as good

  • Pf

    We want more features on mac for a better experience on discord


  • Nia

    Hmm, a bit sad we can’t stream on mac. I know this is a gamer app and then Windows will always be privileged. But you know, even if i would like to stream some games, i would also like to stream my art sometimes (CS, Aseprite) ...

  • sendaisies

    We need this feature on mac please !

  • Assasingus14

    I believe this feature has been added to Mac, which makes me happy. Sadly audio doesn’t work well enough, which I hope gets fixed soon

  • Pinkmargarita


  • ah jeez chris

    My friend has no audio when she streams her mac. Is this the same for everyone else?


    GIVE US THIS FEATURE PLZZZ! I hate this so much, i can't stop think about this, I cry daily regretting the fact that i bought a mac rather than a PC. 😩😭😩😭😩😭 HELP ME PLZ! I can't live like this anymore, it's not worth it😭😫😭😭 😩😭😩😭😩😭 😩😭😩😭😩😭 I'll do anything, im begging you. Whose dick do i need to suck to get this feature for the mac community? were can i find the CEO? 

    (on a real note) i would really appreciate this being added thanks!

  • Keily Faind

    No news about Mac streaming? it's still impossible to do it?

  • Momentais

    I use a mac, and although I understand that macs aren't the most powerful computers for gaming, many people still use them. It's annoying that you have to deal with all the mac OS support issues with many games and applications.

    Please add the ability to stream on mac!!!

  • axea

    I use macbook pro16 inch for both gaming and work. For gaming most of the time I use windows (bootcamp), but I play some games on MacOS and sometimes I want to stream them. So streaming on MacOS would be a good feature.

  • JediKnightMuse

    I use a MacBook Pro and would definitely like to be able to stream things as well. Please add this feature!

  • silverware

    I have a Macbook Air (early 2015) and I was able to stream just fine on it. I recently got a Macbook Pro and I am not able to stream. I thought this was just an issue on my end but it seems like it's an issue for many? Please add streaming for later versions of Mac!

  • Uncle Iroh

    Please help us out here, we also wanna stream and enjoy time with our friends and not count on other people who have a pc. Please please pleaase, help us out here with streaming for Mac. 


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