Critical bug with Discord and iOS broadcast extension


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  • Classic.CD

    We are going to support this application that is one of the best and that will surely be the best in the future since it gives you many options and advantages that others cannot give you

  • Orgic

    yep, it was working but something changed and it's not anymore, and there'a a lot of people that uses this app and would love to be able to let their viewers hearing the discord voice chat! :)

  • xViana

    Ye, fixing this bug will help streamers alot cuz playing games with friends in vc is fun and if viewers can also listen the voice chat that would be amazing :D

  • Jewels2001

    The fact that StreamChamp and Discord are not currently operating together is very disappointing, and making it difficult to talk with my friends while streaming. I really hope that Discord figures out the problem soon.

  • Domarp gnimag

    Please fix it asap cause every one is facing probelm because of this viwers cannot ale to listen my friends sounds who are sepakjng on discord

  • ISunnyBrown

    discord devs please help us, streamchamp is one of the best app for ios. it have bright future ahead please cooperate and find out what is the problem with discord which is not letting steamchamp record discord server voice as we want to record our teammates voice. please look into it 🙏🏼

  • MAMA G

    Definitely no doubt that this app is one of the best app for iOS To stream but then please do fix the problem of hearing the vc on discord for our viewers !!! Hopefully soon

  • Smashers Squad

    It is a great application for streaming in iOS platform . I will definitely support this application . I am eagerly waiting to remove this bug so we can have the discord voice on our live stream . We are struggling for that . Remove this bug as soon as possible .

  • Chaxen

    it is the best application for streaming in iOS platform. it have bright future i will definitely support StreamChamp i am eagerly waiting to remove this bug so we can have the our teammates voice for a scrim or tournaments on our live stream thank you.


    Do fix this bug @discord devs

  • Spooky Shy

    please fixx

  • Marjorie

    Hi! If i use discord voice will it be heard when i stream with mic on? Im using iphone 7plus


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