[FEATURE] Ability to ring people in server voice channels.


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  • synex

    Totally support you! Missing this feature and wanted to write that too.

  • losster



  • JSS596

    I totally agree with this. This would be so useful because group chats are only limited to 10 people. Also, a way to implement this would to be to only allow people to ring their friends into the vc


  • spookyBowl

    I was about to post this, it's a great idea. I think you should only be able to do it to people who are your friend already however, to keep it in line with the group chat ringing rules (You can invite only friends to group chats, but you can ring them whenever you want)

  • trusktr

    Yes pleeeeez!

  • Ben

    Yes please! This is really the only reason my friends and I use the direct message groups instead of our dedicated server, there's no way to ring people. Getting a phone call prompt on mobile or a jingle on desktop is very different than just a ping notification.


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