Feature request: Permission to edit/delete own messages


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  • Jazzy

    Hey Sa'Kagé,

    To remove the power of preventing someone to delete/edit their own message is a pretty strong power, and can be easily abused, but I can understand why moderators would want to have that power. (In order to report a user to Trust and Safety) I recommend using a bot logger like Dyno, UnbelievaBoat or MEE6 to keep track of deleted and edited messages. The likelyhood of Discord adding this feature is pretty low, so in the meantime, I recommend keeping track of messages by using a bot message logger.


  • Michael Paler

    Old thread but wanted to bring this up again, because I think there may be some valid use cases to permit a user to delete their posts, and that with the correct role based Permission structure, you don't have server wide risks.

    My use case:

    I have a channel called "marketplace", set to default as Threads/Posts. It's like a classifieds, with tags Wanted, For Sale, etc. Anyhow, it would be nice to allow users to delete their posts should they wish.

    Seems like a channel based permission "Manage own Posts" would fit the bill?


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