Discord Mobile app Lacks a Lot of Features!


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  • not saying I disagree with the suggestions, but fairly certain discord is aimed more towards pc, and mobile is not as big of a concern as it is primarily a chat for "gamers."

  • Isaiah Goldsberry

    I can certainly agree with this. A LOT of people that I know either don't have a PC, or spend more time on mobile than PC. I guarantee that the main reasons why Disboard exists is because mobile users can't use Server Discovery, and that you can't even apply for Server Discovery unless you have an ungodly amount of members in a server. We need things like Onboarding, AutoMod, the Shop, and all of the features that mobile users are missing. Discord mobile is not just a “on the go, less features” client; mobile users mainly exist because the desktop client isn't an option for them. The fact that I have to go to my browser on my phone to use more features and end up with a screen sizing issue is sad.


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