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  • Kumiho

    2 years later, you guys are still using an outdated version of electron. Simply updating electron would make this an easy thing to fix

  • Alkaris

    It is possible to run Discord under a different Electron version by changing the PKGBUILD requirements to a version of Election that is more up-to-date. With slight possibility of breaking something in Discord itself. But Discord is just another Chromium browser, that's what Electron is afterall.

    After some digging around I found this:

    can't guarantee that it will help or fix specific issues or features with Discord, but at least you won't be running an outdated version.

  • Troll Bridge85

    Made me switch back to windows after a year of only linux use.

    Discord is neglecting other platforms other than windows but it's good to see then make improvements such as Krisp finally getting ported.

    It isn't just Linux, Discord on mac is HORRIFIC as well

    Still not re-activating my nitro until the linux and mac have proper audio support and linux gets hardware accelerated decode and encode (I'm not sure if mac has this) without having to use a janky work arounds. Not having hardware decode and encode is a killer for battery life and destroys performance due to CPU encoding.

  • Troll Bridge85

    Also in 4 months the version of electron discord is using will be 2 years old!

    It contains some lovely security vulnerabilities

  • Troll Bridge85

    Skype supremacy +1

  • Cramer

    It is insane that they haven't taken care of this issue yet, considering it has been the most voted and reported in the category for over two years, showing how many linux users are struggling with this broken feature (and how many discord-on-linux users there are in general, since those here are just the ones that not only want to share their screen with audio, but take the effort to come here and report it). Given how simple it would be to update electron and fix this problem I think this really shows how much the discord team either has a completely blind marketing/feedback department or how it actively ignores this problem due to partnerships with Microsoft or their love for the data-collection in the windows version.

    I have been thinking of a Nitro subscription for long but the impossibility to share the audio when screensharing is really the deal breaker for me and until it's fixed I won't be a subscriber, because it would litterally cancel what I want nitro for the most (higher quality screen-sharing).

  • Alkaris

    4 years actually, this has been a problem for 4 years. More than this post has been here, just this post gained the most attraction than other posts on the same issue.

    I can only be seeing a fork of Discord doing what Discord couldn't. Completely different service in its own, but with stronger capabilities than whatever Discord devs are clearly not capable of. Which is NOT reading the documentation of Pipewire or Pulseaudio to properly implement audio for streaming desktop or games. It's really not that hard tbh, it's not rocket science, the documentation is all there easily accessible free and open-source.

    I can only strongly encourage others to not bother with Discord Nitro, or cancelling your Discord Nitro until they properly address this long standing issue, by NOT ignoring it, and actually implement something that's so easy with only a couple hours or so of learning, reading and coding something that works.


    Right now I'm only able to use a work-around with a custom Discord client called discord-screenaudio which isn't a fully remake of Discord client itself, it's only meant to supplement alongside actual Discord itself just so you can stream audio from your desktop and games, and it's not even a perfect implementation since it has a audio bugs where it'll have brief moment of audio levels doing weird stuff by dipping or distorting every now and then. If it works with that, then it can work with Discord if properly implemented to a working state.

  • .punk

    Canceled Nitro and will not be resubbing until this issue is fixed.

  • axorld

    Please officially support the Linux flatpak/appimage build. Can't believe it takes years for Discord developers to port an ELECTRON app to another OS. What's the point of using electron if you will not port it elsewhere?

  • monica

    I can't believe this is still an issue, I've had my nitro subscription cancelled ever since switching to linux and it will continue to be cancelled until it is fixed.

  • Halamix2

    So, is using a different client to fix this issue legal from a Terms of Service standpoint?

  • ナツ

    Obviously not. How else would they be able to shove their ads and useless features down your throat?

  • 0xNaufal

    This is vital issue that needs to be resolved. The community has been trying to get around this with third party discord clients which can be a security issue and are against TOS. Discord needs to address this!

  • Oszku


  • Natsuki

    Stop dedicating all your dev time to Nitro-exclusive features nobody ever asked for and try actually fixing long-standing problems. The community has already made solutions to this without access to Discord's internal code; this issue not being fixed is pure incompetence on Discord's part. I'm not renewing my Nitro subscription until I can use my choice OS with Discord.

  • SpeedrunnerG55

    Dear Discord team,

    It has been over 2 years since audio support for screen sharing on Linux has been requested, yet it still has not been fixed. As a Linux user and gamer, it would be greatly appreciated if you could extend the audio support feature to Screen Sharing on Linux, similar to the feature already available on Windows.

    Gaming on Linux is a growing community, and it is frustrating to not have this support while sharing our gameplay experiences with others. Moreover, it is disappointing to note that Linux users are not mentioned in the supported platform list on the Discord website.

    We hope that you can prioritize this request and make it happen in the near future. Thank you for your understanding and your continuous efforts in making Discord a better platform for everyone.

    Best regards,

  • Bim Robbo

    Everybody really asked for "Know what I meme?" and all the other dogshit activities

    Good to see all that $20 million from Tencent and the CCP well spent

  • angelar

    Workarounds don't work anymore. Why does Linux have to jump through hoops to stream audio, Discord? Give us basic compatibility.

    Everyone still visiting this thread should come harass them about lying about this nearly 6 years ago on Twitter.

  • komasio71

    Why the voice on the stream doesn't work?

  • komali

    With Screen Sharing sound already supported on Windows, I would like Screen Sharing to be supported for Discord on Linux as well.

    Gaming on Linux exists and does relatively well despite what many naysayers think or wish to believe and having this support for users such as myself would make this less frustrating. Free Fire

  • Damax

    Didn't even know they lied on Twitter about fixing it, even though it was several years ago. That is very disappointing. Can't we just reverse engineer that singular part of it to patch it? Has there been any effort to do similar things?

  • waterman

    What is the current state of Discord on Linux? Are there any viable workarounds for better video/audio or "Go Live"?

    Discord, PLEASE FIX!

  • Japa

    Damaxl Someone could try, but they'll soon get a visit from Wumpus wielding a cease and desist letter, and they'll surely suspend accounts for breaking ToS.

  • Nevros

    Bump, please fix this. It makes it so much harder to enjoy streaming games with friends

  • Pollux

    This has been a issue for 3 YEARS and they still ignore us. WHAT needs to be done so they can fix these dumb issues? like do we need someone like elon to pay a couple 100k to discord just so these stupid issues can go away? FIX THIS OMG. the mother crapping kde devs and multiple other open source communites have already made work arounds for your ignorance of not fixing it, and what do you guys do? oh thats right work on stupid nitro features that LITERALLY NO ONE asked for :D

  • Sadnehs

    Just give me a way to pipe audio into my stream. If theres some weird issue with Discord not knowing how to find audio in Linux, fine, whatever. Open it so that we can stream into discord ourselves.

    You want me to pay for Nitro, how about making the only useful feature in it, high resolution streaming, work on the goddamn platform I use.

  • ナツ

    Bump to remind you that discord about the hypocrisy of discord not providing a functional client, while also telling you that modifying their client to make to make stuff actually work, is not allowed

  • jaykstah

    Bump. The community already has workarounds to send audio into the screenshare audio stream via browser scripts, not just looping desktop audio into the mic source, actual stream audio works thanks to the community doing all they can.

    That would suffice if not for the fact that hardware encoding only works via the native client so any fast paced motion is a choppy mess. Your userbase needs a usable native solution.

    With the advent of PipeWire and the xdg-desktop-portal this should be almost trivial to implement and could work on any modern distro using that stack, which pretty much all of them are now. Other software like Zoom and even other electron apps have already supported screen share audio on Linux for a while now.

    It's really disheartening that you offer an official Linux client and seemingly put almost 0 effort into making the core features of your platform work on Linux, yet you still offer the option to buy Nitro subscriptions through this client. I am grateful for how well it works at all and features like Krisp being available on the Linux client these days but it isn't a good look when I can pay monthly and still not have the screen share button work as it would on other supported platforms.

    Please put some thought into this. The original thread is 3 years old at this point and the community has been able to almost get things functional themselves over that timespan. Please at the very least just let us know if we're ever going to see this feature reach the native Linux client. I can't in good conscious continue paying for Nitro, despite enjoying some of the other features, when the company I'm paying doesn't even seem to want to give the native client on my platform feature parity.


  • Eelbert Einstein

    This is beyond ridiculous at this point. Remember a year ago when this was "imminent"?

  • Hope

    This is 2023, why the heck isn't this supported? Gaming on linux has blown up because of Valve's Steam Deck, and the discord client gets regular updates and this gets ignored??


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