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  • TheAbsol

    I just wrote an angry/annoyed feature request to them as another means to show that people are, in face, interested in this. The Steam Deck is super popular, so why the *HELL* haven't they bothered to put the *slightest* amount of work into their Linux build? I wish they'd put work into Discord in general, though. It was unusable on Android for a while after a certain update, and it's still kind of a buggy mess.

  • Bob Mertz

    Just chiming in to let Discord know that I've just cancelled my subscription as well and it's solely because of this issue.  While I liked having the bigger uploads I'm tired of supporting a platform that doesn't care about the communities needs (especially since those uploads are going to get more annoying soon with the expirations soon).

    On a side note…. I feel like it's a slap in the face when almost weekly I'm greeted by a message saying I can't run discord until I upgrade because, for some reason, it's my lucky day.

  • kekful kem

    I just want the discord team to finally look into this and come up with a fix. WE VE BEEN ASKING FOR SO LONGGG. pls implement already<3

  • BlooAlien

    After this many years of Discord totally ignoring this issue, it's clear that our money simply isn't “green enough" for them. Literally never gonna give them a single thin dime until this is fixed.

  • wishes beast

    The Discord devs may want to have the look Soundux source code which somehow captures the application audio. I have been also feeling the same issue for studs on motorway

  • ⠋Sewer56⣠

    On Twitter, Diwcord has proudly announced full system audio sharing support for macOS and Windows:

    Although I am happy for the common Discord user, I must unfortunately question where Discord's priorities lie. 

    This issue, being the most requested Discord issue related to Video/Audio for basically 4 years now has once again been ignored.

    This is not a 'we don't have audio support' issue anymore. 

    Since this thread was made, most major Linux distros, and thus most users, moved to Wayland. Discord's screen share does not work AT ALL using the desktop client on Wayland.

    It is unfortunate, however, this should make it evidently very clear where Discord's priorities lie. macOS screen audio share was seen as more important than having screen share working for most people on Linux at all. Worst of all, it is not a difficult fix, they just don't want to do it.

    As a customer you deserve better. If you haven't already, please consider cancelling your subscriptions. 

  • Pollux

    Agreed this is getting ridiculous, im never paying for nitro again 

    + Gpu encoding being non existent makes streams a stuttery mess as its software encoding and so becomes your games as the fps gets cut in half when trying to share it to your friends.

    Its honestly pathetic how long this has been going on for 

    Steam hardware survey even says that linux has a higher marketshare then mac os so it simply doesnt make any bloody sense for discord to do this, even its great that they finally got it, it technically doesn't make any sense as linux is more of a gaming platform now then mac os is. 

  • memematron

    3 years later this still is not supported. Please implement this, its a easy fix, we have a lot more people gaming on linux now especially with the steam deck, and emerging third party handheld consoles running steamOS which is a linux distro. 

  • Alkaris

    memematron  Correction 5 years. It goes well beyond the age of the original post here.

  • YamiYukiSenpai

    I made a reply asking.  Maybe we all can like each other's replies so that it'll show up higher on the replies?

  • Aasikki

    YamiYukiSenpai rest assured they already know. They just don't care and no amount of messaging will change their mind.

  • wishes beast

    The Discord devs may want to have the look Soundux source code which somehow captures the application audio. I have been also feeling the same issue for WebSnarks Digital Services. Are you ready to take your digital presence to the next level? Look no further! Welcome to Websnarks, where innovation meets efficiency in the digital realm.


  • CoderBro

    Tossing my wish for audio sharing onto the pile.

    I remain hopeful that one day, my friends will be able to hear the wacky voice line randomization in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle that I am hearing.

    I remain hopeful that one day they'd at least open a null audio source that we could then handle piping to on our own…

    Until then, though, here's a very imperfect workaround that could be so much better if we just had that second audio source we could pipe to…

    # v0.1
    # A hacky script for piping app audio through the mic using pipewire.
    # By HeralayanSalty
    # I provide no warranty for suitability of purpose or any damages, this is provided as-is, etc.
    # WARNING: Adding and removing audio inputs can crash/force-reload Discord, even when it's not listening to said inputs.
    # Invocation:
    # Use pw-link -o for list of apps outputting audio. Use just the app name in the invocation. Do not include e.g. `:output_FL`.
    # Currently does not allow picking between multiple outputs with the same name (like sonic2App.exe does)
    # You can adjust the volume that others hear relative to your own voice by changing the input volume of my-game-audio in your system's audio mixer application.
    # CHANGE THIS LINE to a regex that uniquely identifies one of your normal audio input's *capture* inputs.
    APP_MODULE_ID=`pactl load-module module-null-sink media.class=Audio/Sink sink_name=my-game-audio channel_map=stereo`
    JOIN_MODULE_ID=`pactl load-module module-null-sink media.class=Audio/Sink sink_name=my-discord-sink channel_map=stereo`
    MIC_MODULE_ID=`pactl load-module module-null-sink media.class=Audio/Source/Virtual sink_name=my-discord-mic channel_map=front-left,front-right`
    MIC_NAME=`pw-link -o | grep --extended-regexp $MIC_SEARCH_STRING | cut --delimiter=":" --fields=1`
    pw-link "${APPNAME}:output_FL" my-game-audio:playback_FL
    pw-link "${APPNAME}:output_FR" my-game-audio:playback_FR
    pw-link my-game-audio:monitor_FL my-discord-sink:playback_FL
    pw-link my-game-audio:monitor_FR my-discord-sink:playback_FR
    pw-link "${MIC_NAME}:capture_FL" my-discord-sink:playback_FL
    pw-link "${MIC_NAME}:capture_FR" my-discord-sink:playback_FR
    pw-link my-discord-sink:monitor_FL my-discord-mic:input_FL
    pw-link my-discord-sink:monitor_FR my-discord-mic:input_FR
    function cleanup() {
        pactl unload-module ${APP_MODULE_ID}
        pactl unload-module ${JOIN_MODULE_ID}
        pactl unload-module ${MIC_MODULE_ID}
        echo "Cleaned up audio devices."
    echo "Remember to switch your MICROPHONE in Discord to my-discord-mic!"
    echo "Other Discord settings you might want to adjust while this is active:"
    echo "- turn off noise suppression"
    echo "- turn off echo cancellation"
    echo "- increase input sensitivity of your mic"
    read -p "Press a key to stop and cleanup audio devices..."
  • BoredBanana

    I wish they would look into this again, especially now that Windows and even MacOS have full system audio sharing.

    Third-party projects like discord-screenaudio or Vesktop are already doing it, so why can't the official client do it as well? 

  • Pollux

    I know, its so stupid they keep ignoring this. Pipewire works under chromium and so electron would support this, discord uses a rather outdated electron 22, while vesktop uses electron 28 which is only a couple months old, when electron 29 comes out vaapi encoding will be supported under wayland soo discord should rlly start looking into this.

  • DvMc

    It is utterly ridiculous how long this been open and no movement from Discord and so many hacky workarounds that the community have had to find as as result.  Personally, I have moved to Element where possible, which is just as good in many ways and I'm gradually informing friends about it and we're moving over.  It's a shame really, I've used Discord for years, but I can't keep waiting for Linux sound and screensharing support to be added any longer.

  • Caaaaarrrrlll


    Dear Discord Devs. I would be remiss if I hadn't made my opinion known on this matter. Please carefully consider the request here. This is important. Many of the core reasons users run Linux are at the heart of privacy and having control of their hardware. In a world where we can have a pandemic that forces populations indoors, where people are increasingly more online than ever, in a world where Discord is used for real-world war communications, while also being simultaneously used for job interviews, education, and catching up with friends, the ability to Screen Share is vitally important. The feature to stream audio during a Screen Sharing session needs attention on Linux, it is broken. Discord claims that the company supports inclusivity on the main page, and that bigotry is not allowed in their guidelines. So if that is the case then I question the motive behind the lack of communication towards Linux users. One could argue its negative judgment against this community, since there is no communication the silence is louder than words. Put simply, Discord is excluding this community by ignoring the pleading of the people in this request. At the very least, Discord representatives could comment whether this request has been given any attention, whether this request is workable or unworkable and for what reasons, or provide any clarity at all on the matter. Above that, Discord could simply schedule this request for work and implement the feature, working it into the next available agile sprint. As some users have stated, this is **_the_** core issue that have led them to cancel payments to Discord's subscription service, it is the reason users are bad mouthing Discord and leaving Discord. This issue could be fixed by communication with the community and by permitting feedback during its implementation, some users have already provided a few possible solutions to try. Discord currently has the ability to give beta codes to users to test features and Discord also engages in A/B testing methodology, the feature could easily be rolled out to a subset of users in this Linux community for testing and feedback could be given on whether certain code changes work or not. And once it becomes stable enough, Discord could then roll it out to its Canary and other builds for the general community. This would improve the relations with the Linux community. It benefits everyone because Discord would then make happy Linux users that could bring in even more Linux users and broaden the kinds of communities that Discord so humbly says it's inclusive of. I trust someone at Discord to read this and do the right thing, but I fear they won't lift a finger to properly size it and get it into dev. I fear there will continue to be deafening silence from representation at Discord, a not-so-inclusive company.

  • Pollux

    ☝️Reading that was truly a masterpiece☝️

    Discord rlly gotta consider this issue, and its only a matter of time that linux continues to grow as a platform for desktop use, either it be for gaming, professional work or just general browsing.



  • Offspec

    There are three separate third party discord clients that all individually support this feature as just wrappers around the basic client, two of them by simply updating the bundled version of chromium. This is one of the issues that actually impacts whether or not people consider the platform viable, and the radio silence after almost 4 years is incredibly disappointing. I would happily pay for nitro if my screenshares worked and I had a reason to use them.

  • Lorenzomarchese12

    it's 2024 discord.. wake up


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