Discord says - "Somethings going on here"


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  • flamengo

    i also have that issue

  • flamengo

    i think its bcuz of alt acc

  • pilz scrimage

    It has been over 24 hours I have been locked out of my Discord account with a very similar problem, except when I ask for a code to be sent to my phone, I receive a text saying, "This number is already connected to an account." .... Yes, it is in fact connected to AN account... In fact, it is connected THIS account! So WHY am I NOT getting a code sent to MY PHONE!? WHY would Discord NOT have an EMAIL VERIFICATION OPTION!? WTF!?

  • dionugroho63

    Yo guys im a big brain, i can pass that "Something's Going on Here" By using my phone. Its so easy to bypass it.

    1. You need a phone

    2. Turn off your wifi and open discord with your account

    3. Go to your settings

    4. Add a phone number

    5. Put your phone number in and then turn on your wifi

    6. Press next as fast as possible

    7. Wait until you received the code

    8. Put the code in and press next as fast as possible

    9. Don't direct message anyone with "Do not disturb" status on because there might a chance that your discord account will get disabled like me.

    and do not use caps when you direct message your friend and don't use it for at least 1 day to verify that your discord is not going to be disabled

  • santanoob2851

    I can’t use it aswell I don’t have phone only iPad and I can’t get out of it




  • MoonRiseXT

    Yes I literally agree with this post. SMH I don't even have a phone. And I got locked out of my account and have like 19 pings already. And I'm literally crying cause I can't even talk with my friends. I want to use my main account 😭. (This had happened to me like 3 days ago). Petition for them to remove it.

  • an dumb person (an noob)

    It all started when I joined like A LOT of discord servers and discord said it was REALLY fishy and something was GOING ON AND THIS WAS MY MAIN ACCOUNT this WAS not an ALT!! (I don't have an alt anymore BUT I used too) but in fact, WHY DOES DISCORD NEEDS PEOPLE VERIFY PHONE NUMBERS can't they just add the email verification INSTEAD OF PUTTING PHONE NUMBERS?? Many people does NOT have an PHONE NUMBER!! I cannot chat with my friends and they ALL GONNA BE THINKING like WHY DID I IGNORE THEM!!! I've been using this discord account for literally 2 years JUST 2 YEARS and I am like I don't want my discord account to be STUCK ON THIS "Something is going on here.." SCREEN!

  • Koulio39

    I have the same problem here..... Locked on my accout can't do anything..

  • snugglemonster

    just get a phone simple EDIT: not that hard just get a phone or use a family members phone lol

  • öк!!¡

    does it work with a samsung tablet because ive been repetitively putting my phone number in and it wont put a verification code there, ive checked contacts as well but none, i asked for discord support but they said to show a fvcking picture of my phone error, how can i fvcking do that when i dont even know if they are putting a verification code in or not. Honestly they need to change this, id rather do an email verification than a phone verification.

  • i dont have a phone and its happening to me to

  • Poopse3e

    this is so anoying i dont have a phone and i cannot make a new account i hate discord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • okay

    i literally dmed like 5 people and there were gaps too its not like i was immediately dming them and now it wont let me back in, i put a phone number and it used to be connected to another acc so it disconnected from that account and now both accounts got disabled wth

  • Skadoosh

    I also don't have a phone and my discord has been locked for 3 WEEKS now, nearing a month.

    I would make a new account, but many people and servers on my discord would be lost, so unless they figure a way out to fix this, I probably won't be able to communicate online, considering discord was one of my main communication apps, having many people on it. I hope I don't have to go through the process of making a whole other email to make a new account since this post was 5 months ago. :(


    i've got answer from discord, everybody who have this problem. their account has been flagged by the system and must use phone number to fix this issue. who ever used 1 phone number on different account, the phone number is on cool down. so dont ever try to login with that phone number. wait 2-3 days without attempting to login with that phone number. who ever doesn't have phone, discord can't help.

  • Miss Mommies Milk3

    bro the thing is that they take like 5 years to send you the verification code :/ smh 

  • GRIMB01

    i have this problem now and i try ask the discord support team and nothing at this point discord is proven to be the worst app ever

  • ![RT]_notch™#6709
    Hey Discord Team Why haven't I been verified on Discord? I'm from Morocco help me! [RT]_notch™#6709 My gmail is zikopro55@gmail.com

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