Allow unchecking @everyone in the new "Server as Role" drop down role list


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  • R E G E X

    You can simply give yourself a role from that menu and it'll be hidden away. The @ everyone serves as the POV for people without a role.

  • mattts

    Echra_pod, I don't think you understand how the "server as role" feature works. These screenshots should help you understand that im not actually changing whether someone is on the server or not. On the 2nd one, it shows a drop down menu, at the bottom of said menu, you cannot uncheck @everyone. 

  • Kai

    That's because...everyone has the @everyone role. Its properties cannot be changed. It cannot be deleted. It's meant to act as the base permission set for all members of a server. Even members with other roles still possess the @everyone role, and are still affected by it.

    Being able to deselect it would be entirely useless

  • mattts

    That is the point. If I want to see what a user with a role sees and it shows something only someone without a role should see. Then that would be a reason to let you uncheck @everyone so that you know for sure that the person with a role doesn't see something i don't want them to see.


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