Regional Pricing for Discord Nitro


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  • decr

    I hope this is the rough estimate in your country.

  • SKY

    Netflix Premium (UHD Plan)          US 15.99 (1,172Rs) / India 799Rs (10.9$)

    Youtube Preimum                          US  11.99$  (878Rs) / India 129Rs (1.76$) 

    Spotify                                            US  9.99$ (732Rs) / India 119Rs (1.62$)

    Amazon Prime Anual                     US  119$ (8722Rs) / India 999Rs (13.63$)

    Apple Music                                   US  9.99 (732Rs) / India 49Rs (0.67$)


    All $s mentioned are USD and Rs is INR some term known as regional pricing is set by companies so that its fair and "Reasonable" according to the location so why 

    Discord Nitro                                   US 9.99 (732Rs) / India 732Rs (9.99$)

    (why would I pay almost cost the of amazon prime yearly to discord monthy that's why I posted it here....)

  • tahakzr

    I am having the same problem. I really want to buy nitro, but this price is too much.

  • thundercookie

    I agree, regional pricings should be considered just because this is not economical for people living in a country like India. It's just a bit too expensive right now which is silly for a chat perks like animated emojis and stuff. I'm pretty sure discord users in India would love to see regional pricing and many of them would purchase it no doubt.

  • bilal_08

    your request is legit and right now i just opened discord and go to settings for nitro subscription and what nitro is priced for 850 inr and classic is 430inr which is more than US price and i know how you feel to another country ppl when they can use nitro but you cant

  • droid

    Couldn't agree more, this price is just not gonna work in India considering the feature set that it offers. 

  • chocos

    ikr they should do some regional pricing, they should price it reasonably in other countries what people can afford


  • kaisu

  • KasırgaSA ノʸˢ

    here the euro grows every day by a few cents

  • kugelblitz

    Seriously Discord should consider regional pricing if it actually wants to become a global player.

  • Raikiri ♡

    I couldn't agree more with you dude.... like consider regional pricing already.
    If you sell something for 500rs and you only have like 5 customers to buy that product, reduce it to like at least 100rs so that the people buying have a profit and the person selling has a lot of sales before as well.

    And also, discord PLEASE change the setting to change your payment region before you pay, cus its very annoying to see dollars before adding your payment method and watch it change AFTER you add the payment and then your card doesn't work for nitro and gets blocked cus of "suspicious activity"... 

  • Ka11zer

    2 years since this post and Discord has yet to implement Nitro Localized Pricing in India,

    it is already available in Brazil, Turkey, Poland, Australia, The Philippines, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Japan as of writing this comment.

    So its not like there is no precedent for this. its just a matter of time and IF India is considered for this program

  • Painfullystoic

    How has this not become a thing yet? Its ridiculous. 

  • ___*(  ̄皿 ̄)/____

    it has been over 2 years they've started localized pricing for all countries not India discord is racist


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