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  • Cayzi

    The price is showed in canadian dollars for me. CA2.79 or CA3.99

  • CringeChilly

    I agree with this. It's completely useless to basically sell animated emojis, especially since within days someone will have figured out a way to nab the stickers and turn them into gifs, therefore removing the entire point of this entire thing. Nitro users already have animated emotes, so why not just get nitro classic and just remove the entire point of stickers?

    Basically, what I'm saying is these are a pointless cash grab and don't need to exist.

  • Kai

    Not only is this a bad case of a money grab, I bet it'll get irritating as H-E-double-hockey-sticks in public servers.

    Think about the GIF button, or "Quote" option. Just another thing for people to spam. This has already gotten intensely annoying when moderating big servers. Discord's basically becoming Snapchat at this point; text slowly being phased out, with images becoming the norm. There's a reason I prefer Compact mode over Cozy.

    I'm a long time Nitro subscriber, I feel as if this isn't the way to go. Even with some packs being free of charge w/ Nitro, I feel like I'll never get to use them. They're much more limiting than the vast world of Giphy/Tenor. Couldn't you integrate this into the GIF button at least? It sort of needlessly takes up real estate on my chat bar, making writing announcements and stuff a bit more difficult as time goes on.

    Overall, very underwhelming addition in my opinion. It definitely has potential, but now's not the time I'm afraid.

  • yuriamaterasumomomiya

    this is a disappointment of an add.
    just another way for Nitro users to flaunt the fact that they have something that you can't have
    first the banner now this.
    I won't be surprised if they start locking things behind nitro from here on out.


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