Nitro Subscription Card


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  • Swmarly

    This would be great

  • Comfy

    Nice idea

  • Aeternum

    Definitely do not like the idea of more content eating at the profile picture space, but the background idea is great

  • Kyle

    This looks sick 

  • snowy

    This is an absolute beast idea 💪

  • Aeternum

    The amount of months as a subscriber is also content almost nobody ever looks at, it's very very low on the hierarchy from a design point, so probably no on that too.

  • Hex

    Also for an update, I am working on fully revised concepts. These will include both the "server card" which includes your roles, and your genuine "user card" which includes your linked social accounts (and badges).

    Will possibly include a mock up of what the customization window could look like for these suggested features.

  • Aeternum

    Calm down. The design perspective is not my opinion, it comes from working with thousands of users a month on design, most of which love cloning discords design and colors, because nobodies creative. That said, it is still incredibly low on the hierarchy of information served by the profile card, and thus should be lower priority on the design itself. This statement however is not directed at you, the designer, but as note for discord in the event they read this suggestion, and decide to implement.

    Regarding space overlapping the profile picture, it was clearly stated as opinion, and wasn't an attack, I personally, and I'm sure others reflect the sentiment that we like showing off out profile pictures, especially if we have nitro. 

    No worries it's a great idea, and Ill be spreading this link literally everywhere for upvotes. <3

  • Alice

    The icons at the side of the avatar looks very out of place.

    I'd suggest using a bar instead and not chopping pieces away from the avatar making it look like a cheese

    Overall I welcome these features with open arms so I can flamboyantly show off my subscription

  • ZixeSea

    This looks so GOOD give me plz :P

  • Chrizz

    I want that

  • Hex

    "Definitely do not like the idea of more content eating at the profile picture space"

    I don't think you understand the purpose of concept art, or the existence of disclaimers. It's clearly stated in the post: "The concept art is purely just for visual context, I am in no way suggesting this exact layout and only want you guys to focus on the features in writing."

    "The amount of months as a subscriber is also content almost nobody ever looks at"

    It's pretty bold to state that "nobody" looks at nitro streaks, when it's a very common topic on this forum. Just because you don't pay attention to Nitro streaks, doesn't mean the entire community follows suit. It's also a bit ironic that your using the "lack of attention" a feature gets, on a post that intends to bring more attention to that specific feature.

    More constructive feedback would be appreciated, as i'm willing to revise concept art and feature ideas to improve my suggestion. Discord has a rather small team and limited resources, so I want to be as descriptive as possible with my concepts so they don't waste time and effort poking the idea with a stick to see if it moves (I want them to know exactly what they are looking at and what we are asking for).

  • NOXXiTRiX!

    I wish for partical visualisation like fire or some plasma beams displaying all over my avatar frame.That will look cool,just like the unusual effects you get from has in Team Fortress 2

  • kcinnay

    In my opinion:


    • Custom background on card
    • Hypesquad color / logo around avatar. However, it should not be 'eating' the actual avatar
    • The Nitro streaks are nice, they could have different colors of badges you can achieve
    • Busy and Nitro badge on avatar (I dont like ohw the Nitro badge, Hypesquad badge and Nitro booster badge are located on the side of the logo in the current 'badge')


    • Design could be more slim
  • unlockthepicture

    sounds like a great idea!

  • katlol

    this sounds amazing i think this should be free and every discord user could have it for it

  • katlol

    its amazing

  • FBI

    Looks awesome! would love to see this added to Discord!

  • 𝔽𝕒𝕥𝕫𝕒𝕝

    Thatd be awsome


  • Alex

    Up! Thats a good idea!


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