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  • Clyde

    Why is thetre no email option


  • Sherminator

    Bro, the same problem with me. What is even worse is that I don't have a phone. I'm f*cked

  • I am speed

    Why do these keep happening? Like have we broken a TOS guideline or something?

  • Sherminator

    There is no email option because discord ain't got no braincells

  • Sherminator

    santanoob2851, you have been locked out for an hour, but for me it said "something's going on here, please verify phone to continue" and I do not have a phone. My account will be forever locked out until I verify my phone number. Seems like Discord is slowly losing their brain cells one by one and haven't thought about adding a feature where you can verify with email. I had to make another account, and ever since, my old one has been locked out. Few months have passed, but nothing has changed. Contacting Discord did nothing. 

  • MoonRiseXT

    omg been having the same problem. and i'm locked out of my main account. btw me no have phone :(

  • pokefried1

    someone please help me.. I don't have a phone and been using discord for 5 years.. and this thing never happened to me please help.. I can't lose my discord if i do then my life is mostly ruin...

  • santanoob2851

    I’ve been locked out for an hour don’t have a phone.


  • Yves

    im having the same problem and i dont have a phone :((

  • Ziraley

    wow didn't know this happened to so many people... I don't have a phone either, there should be an email option

    I've tried logging out but that didn't work either

  • jason_

    I am having the exact same problem! I don't have a phone number, so I can't really unlock my account.

  • an dumb person (an noob)

    I am having this problem right now, I don't have an phone due to failing my classes but 2 years I am going to be able to get an phone from my parents. I don't want to verify on my parents phone number I NEED an PHONE so I can verify my discord! This is my 1st ever DISCORD account and this is my 1st time experienced this problem already. Does your account opens automatically or you just need to wait FOREVER until you get an phone number please help! 

    (Also, there's an screenshot below for proof)

  • Rocket Garbage

    same bro i'm locked out, don't have a phone either, guess im f*cked


  • Rocket Garbage

    I mod a bunch of servers as well so I can't moderate them :(

  • The F.B.I

    tough bro


    ive been locked out of my account for 6 days now due to the phone verification code expiring as soon as i get it, no matter how fast i enter it

  • pokefried1


  • Quantum Moose

    It happened to me as well I don't know what to do. I never broke any rules and respected all guidelines. Also does discord auto assume every user has a phone and a phone number,  like BRUH. There  should be an email verification option. 

  • Sherminator

    Guys, there is nothing you can do. When I got my account locked out, and didn't have a phone to verify, I tried to contact Discord but as usual, they didn't do anything. The only option left for me was just to make a new account. I lost some people due to forgetting the tags and users that were on my friends list on my previous account and now I can't talk to them. Discord won't ever going to fix this issue.

  • maggott

    Ok so this happened to me too

    I don't have a phone so like tf am i supposed to do 

    and i prob won't get one until college 

    I'm pretty sure i got locked out bc i joined multiple servers in one day


  • Ziraley

    "I joined multiple servers in one day"


  • bruh what | 岡山高

    Sherminator They actually do have a email verification, this happened to me and I decided to make another account with a email I made up, it gave me 2 options with the new account. Verify by email or verify by phone BUT REMEMBER this is only for the new account, I tried with my other account that I use normally (this one) and it only says “verify by phone”.

  • Sherminator

    @bruh what | 岡山高, it only gives me phone verification option. Nothing else. This is the image for proof that there isn't an email verification.

  • Ziraley

    Sherminator there was an email verification option for me too, but like the previous guy said it was when we created a NEW account. Our current accounts only had the "verify by phone" option. I don't have proof because I already got my account back by using someone else's phone so I deleted the new account I'd made, sorry.

    Zain Miles this whole thread was literally talking about how they couldn't log in because they didn't HAVE a phone, and never have.

  • Winnie The Fwooh

    Bro same, i cant just abandon that account, i have a server with 700+ people there and an account on a ge with alot of progress

  • fusion

    yeah it's also happened to me and I instantly contacted the support team

    and I got the following answer

    Hi fusion.‍,

    Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

    I just checked with my team, and upon review of your account, it appears that our detection system has triggered successfully and we will not be removing the phone verification requirement on your account. You'll be required to register a phone number to your Discord account in order to continue the use of it.

    It's possible that our system detected that you were using a VPN or proxy that was shared with other bad actors, which is why our system flagged your account. However, for privacy reasons, we're not able to share the specifics of the inner workings of our system. Please note that this is a system requirement and you need a phone number in order to access your account.

    I truly appreciate your patience. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns.

    (name of discord staff)


    The fact is that the last time that I used vpn it was because downloading discord and it was not for bad reasons at all. All I wanted was to access a beta game which was on another server. I used discord on my previous account for 1 year and I always followed the TOS. I don't still know why my account was disabled this is pretty much weird and the thing I hate is that there is only 1 way of verification and discord has to also add an emai verification for people who are not having a phone number. This is the only bad experience I had with discord team in a year.

  • snoodle

    This makes me wanna pull my hair out.

    I have no phone whatsoever and even if I got a landline it wouldn't work.

    The worst thing is because of the fact that I have no phone, I can't use Discord. WONDERFUL.

  • on1lxs6c

    "Something's Going on Here"

    You bet! The only problem is no one knows what's going on. Not even Discord! Least of all Discord!

    "We've detected something out of the ordinary going on. To continue using Discord, we will need you to verify your account."

    Like what? Speak English! Now, English is not my first language, but I bet I would understand you if you could talk some sense. Instead of showing me this picture of a castle under attack, with arrows flying and castle bridge being raised.

    Presumably, I'm the attacker, and the castle is Discord. Except I'm not attacking you. How do you arrive at this dumb conclusion? I know, you're using algorithms like every other big tech company.

    Never trust ten robot to do the work of two men. Also, one must be wary of companies that display clear ambition to replace people with robots.

    This all started by me changing the email address for one of my Discord accounts. I have two accounts. I signed out of my main account, using Discord for Windows. Then I signed in to my second account which I have not used much at all. I was in process of transitioning from one account to another, but I never finished it because life got in the way. So I was going to do it this time. I clicked all the right options to change the email address of what would become my new main account. I got the verification link via email, as expected, I clicked it and my address was changed. From that point on I could no longer sign into that account.

    I get the feeling this has to do with me signing out of one account and signing in to the other account all too quickly. This must have tripped an alarm or something at Discord HQ. I know I got an email asking me to verify it was me signing in from a new location to this second account. All of which I completed successfully. So there should be no problem.

    I have already sent a support request to Discord (case 15154742). I can post back here if they ever get back to me. It's only been 14 hours, so it's needless to say that I have not waited long enough. I am well aware of what people are saying about the waiting. I shall see for myself how long it takes them.

    After failing to sign in several times, I tried to reset my password, just to be sure that the new email address is working and registered with the system. Sure enough, I was able to set a new password. Not once but three times! Simply by following the link I get by email.

    Now this part is also weird... each time I set a new password, I get a joyful display of colors in the form of a Discord background image... with no information whatsoever, where a simple "password was set successfully" would be expected. Just sit and stare at this picture for a while... so jolly and totally not funny!

    After wasting hours of my life of on this, I gave in and decided to provide a phone number so I could verify the account by SMS code. That actually allowed me to sign in at least twice. I lost the ability to sign in again at some point as I was signing in and out and hopping between my two accounts. Apparently Discord does not like that. It trips an alarm at Discord HQ and they mistake you for being a robot or an attacker. At least this is what may have happened in my case. But the system is totally dumb I must say. If you want an example of that, read on.

    I have now tried several times to sign in using SMS codes. The codes are being sent and received as expected. But it now refuses to let me in because of another reason.

    "This phone number was recently used on a different account"

    After typing in the SMS code, I have to confirm with the current password. If the password is wrong it appears as a "mismatch". But there appears to be another kind of mismatch at play here, or possibly a database table corruption.

    I don't know how else to explain it. Incorrectly implemented SMS code verification perhaps? Inserting the phone number in wrong user account's phone number field? It would seem as if my main Discord account is not fully or properly signed out of the service.

    I am not going to burn another phone number on this, or waste any more of my time over this. If Discord wants to help me out, I invite them to do so. I would appreciate it if I could talk to a human.

  • Кхео

    Yeah, it's confirmed, this screen sucks. We need to make a petition to remove it.

  • evitaerc

    Hi on1lxs6c - I imagine from the amount of posts you've just done that you must be some kind of disciple for Discord - or at least an apologist.  Look at the mass of posts from people who have all run into the same problem just attampting to get into a webpage - Do you think that is normal - or even OK?  Can you suggest another website that exhibits the same animosity toward it's users.  Can you suggest another Support Team that displays the same level of blind denial toward the customers that post these problems on it's own Support Forum.  At best it displays a level of arrogance that is breathtaking and at worst blunt ignorance.  In my case all I want to do is post a request for information from an astronomy software group who have unwisely chosen to host on this GODAWFUL website.  This behaviour is unheard of anywhere else in the astronomy community and I predict the software developer will lose customers over this very quickly.

  • tabby

    i dont have a fricking phone what did it detect i did not harass anybody all i did was say fart chicken but i dont think thats the problem


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