Phone number connected to WRONG Account?


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  • NickM

    I'm having the same exact issue and they are not helping me in any way!! I don't know what to do

  • symbolsix

    I'm having the same issue, and posted a thread to the r/discordapp subbreddit:


    I've owned this phone number since 2008, have had my Discord account since 2016, and have gone through my email archive to confirm that I never created (much less verified) a Discord alt account.

    At the very least, the policy should be to allow someone who can demonstrate ownership of a phone number (by confirming a validation code) to delink that phone number from all Discord accounts, in order to free it up for a new verification.

  • gill_za

    I see this message when trying to join the discord serves that require authintification. I had my phone number since before discord existed.

  • Aaron Hoff

    I am having the same problem to.

  • TheProGamer21Gr

    I recently came up with the same issue, when I emailed Discord they told me that I have to sent an email confirming my phone address (with my country's code) and confirm that I want them to remove my number tied to the Discord account associated with with me not even aware of it. All in all, I think that they have to be a little more helpful for example to sent a validation code and ask me to verify it.

  • maybeitsabby

    The same thing is happening to me!! I was logging onto Discord on a computer that's sometimes used by others (but they each login into the PC under different users) and when I first loaded up Discord in the browser, it said "claim your account" by entering email and password, then I clicked forgot because it wouldn't even let me enter anything in that dialog. It asked for my phone number (one of the ways I set up my verification) and then shortly after I got an email saying my phone number had been unlinked from my Discord account, even though I did not ask to do this and had no what just happened. Now whenever I try to add my number back in Settings, it says "this number is already being used by another account, please remove it before you can use another number" 
    I don't have any alt accounts and I have NOT helped a friend with verification or anything like that, so I have no idea how this happened!! Ive been emailing with Discord support and so far, nothing has been done to resolve this, they said they cannot remove my number from whatever account its linked to now since I have no idea what email address its connected to, since I don't have it, it would be a security issue. 
    PLEASE fix this. 

  • Alfred

    Same issue here. They told me their system is using a temporary restriction before a number can be used again and that they can't tell me when i'll be able to verify my number.... 2 months have passed since so eventually there is a problem or their side cause i keep receiving the same message again and again.

  • Trader Trix

    Same issue here.  Have a discord I paid to join and can't use it because I accidently used an old discord account from years ago and attached the phone number

  • kuintenie

    i have the same problem to bruh they really need to fix this bullshit

  • Samarth Shah

    my phone number was linked and then i tried logging in on my laptop. now it says its being used on another device.
    please help..


  • Crimson Rebirth

    This is incredibly relatable to me, i have tried to login to my Main Discord account (the one being used rn) and i tried to login using phone number. The first thing it did was detach my phone number from this account and made an entirely new account and connected the phone number to that account

  • raaronsy

    This happened to me (but maybe the details are different).

    I accidentally removed my phone number from my original account, somehow attaching it to an anonymous "rogue" account. Importantly, this new rogue account didn't have an email attached to it. To recover my phone number, I needed to find another email address I had access to, and attach that address to the new rogue account my phone number was in.

    Steps for me to solve my issue:

    1. Find out I somehow disassociated <my phone number> from my discord account for <first email address>. Cannot reattach because <my phone number> is associated with some other rogue account. Need to access the rogue account.
    2. Open incognito browser tab (or just regular browser tab). Navigate to discord, and login with <my phone number> only. 
    3. Press "Forgot Password". Discord sends me a 6-digit verification code to determine if I own <my phone number>.
    4. Input the verification code. Change the password to whatever I want. Continue logging in. 
    5. Discord will realize the rogue account associated with <my phone number> has no email yet. It will stop me, asking me to verify my email address, before I can access the rogue account.
    6. Input <second email address> that I have access to, along with the password I just changed. Discord will send a verification email to <second email address>. **<second email address> must be new to discord; no discord account should have <second email address> associated with it.
    7. Open <second email address>, and verify that I own <second email address>.
    8. I now can access the rogue discord account, which has <second email address> and <my phone number>. I can now remove the phone number, and delete the entire account. (I don't want a discord account for <second email address>.)
    9. Finally, reassociate my phone number with discord account for <first email address>, my real actual account.
  • Starplatinum87

    Thanks! This totally works. 

    Mind-blowing that they have such an obvious and crushing bug that they still haven't fixed...

  • Loord

    The Same thing is happening to me a checked all my accounts and none is linked to my account Help me please. #discord #saveus

  • Nickotine42

    The method above totally worked.


  • uhh so.. for the method above, it did not send the confirmation code to my phone and now im stuck at step 3.  @raaronsy do u mind helping me? bc i dunno what to do i will try logging in again tomorrow... i tried everything incognito and a new google acc. it still doesn't work :(

  • anyone mind helpin' me? i will check this again tom.


  • Blast

    My guy raaronsy coming in straight up clutch to save us from Discord and it's laziness.


  • ArmandoJustNew

    Doesn't work I tried But when I tried to get the code they said go check email But it ISNT MY EMAIL

  • REal LaSsEeE

    I have the same problem

  • sf18

    I'm have the exact same problem I was going to connect my phone to my alt it said put username I put my alts username and it says verify by phone and check on my alt my phone was not connected and when I tryed to connect to my main it say there an account already using your number pls remove it then add a new one when I can't figure out where which account pls help.


    I am also having the same problem Discord please help me



  • Akii

    I have the same issue too and discord isn't giving any support on how to fix it.

  • Heelzz

    I'm having the same issue too, except when I get up to step 6, if I put in an existing email it says "email already exists" and if I put in a new email it says "password doesn't match" even thought it's a brand new email address never used on discord.

  • Heelzz

    Also, discord DELETED my number off my account, 

    with this text in email as an FYI: 

    Hey Heelzz,

    Your phone number ************ was recently removed from this account and added to a different Discord account.

    Please note that your phone number can only be linked to one Discord account at a time.

    Discord Team

    Then when I try to add it back, text says "An existing discord account is already using this number.  Please remove it before it can be used with a new account."

    How was it deleted from my account in the first place, if it's not allowed to be deleted??? 

  • Steelium

    Login with your phone number and the password of that account...

  • Heelzz

    When I do, it says this: 

    Something's going on here. 

    We've detected something out of the ordinary going on.  To continue using Discord, We will need you to verify your account. 

    The only option is to verify via email,  there is no email account attached to this account, then the below happens like I mentioned before:  If I put in an existing email it says "email already exists" and if I put in a new email it says "password doesn't match" even though it's a brand new email address never used on discord.

  • smarten

    I see this message when trying to join the discord serves that require authintification. I had my phone number since before discord existed.


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