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  • Nomz

    Hey, replies are replies, and quotes are quotes. They are completly other things. Why remove one in favor of the other one?

    Why even compare them?

  • Sey

    they´re both used in the same context but replying is terrible from a design perspective.
    usually when reading messages it´s the easiest to glance at someone´s pfp to find out who sent the message. so naturally a user will just skip over anything else after recognizing who is saying a thing and start reading what they´re actually saying. replies are displayed above someone´s message, exactly the area one would skip over if they don´t need to read the users name to recognize them. so having it be displayed right at the the name is not good. next up replies are often accidentally overlooked due to not just what I mentioned before but also how they´re smaller than regular text and have lower contrast than regular text, both of these being traits commonly used for small ui things like the time a message was sent. this all adds up to something important for being able to understand things better in a cluttered conversation not being noticeable enough to grab attention and do its job.
    compare that to quotes and you see exactly how quote does all these things better than reply.

    what reply has above quote is the option to click on it to get to the original message which is something that can be added to quote.

    even if you don´t agree with how I see replies design, you yourself said "why remove one in favor of the other one" and that is exactly what discord did to quote. the least controversial solution would be making it an option to have quotes be displayed instead of replies and vice versa so those that prefer 1 can choose to use that one above the other.


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