Worst support ever


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  • martosss

    Well, that email actually led me to this place where I can submit a new feature request, so it saved discord devs some time, so they can focus on actually improving the software instead of reading emails and being babysitters.


    So I"m sorry to say but I don't agree with you - their email system is useful. If you actually want to talk to someone you can probably reply to that bot email message and you'll get an actual support person talking to you, but it's worth the try to save them some time, don't you think?

  • PaulPanzerwerfer

    I answered, that said email, but they wont answer


  • PaulPanzerwerfer

    And also, that has nothing to do with being "babysitters". 

    If they give you the option to ask their support about that topic than that has a reason, so I really don´t know what you are going on about

  • Ebiko

    Have to support martosss with this ,
    I personally think that their ticketing systems is incredibly good
    Also like 99% of supports other than discord , are email or chat based , there's almost nowhere someone where you talk to someone , unless your directly working in an company and need support there


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