Auto-publish option for announcement channels


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  • Error 404
    I believe this is a very useful feature request and I hope it becomes added as it saves us some time from pressing `Publish` every time we make an announcement
  • SevensU7P

    Hey Error! :)
    How Ironic seeing you here! :)
    I was just doing some digging around on this...

  • chattchaii69

  • Would love to see this. I run a private gaming server and have over 3k followers of my announcement channels. My admins occasionally forget to publish posts and end up leaving followers in the dark.


    Please allow announcement channels the option to always publish to followers.


    Thank you!

  • trusktr

    As  workaround you could have a bot logged in as you in a headless server, and have it click the publish button automatically.

  • Vedinsoh

    After seeing there is no bot that does this (as it's was only recently added to the API), I've decided to make a bot that will automatically publish messages in your announcement channels. I initially created it for our server, but since the announcement channels are becoming available to everyone, I thought I'd make the bot public for everyone to benefit from it.

    All details here:

  • Snyper


  • Snyper


  • ProsjektAero

    This is literally what I have been searching for for a few days trying to work out why things weren't coming through from "bots". I think an alternative to this could be to have an option when following a channel to just receive all messages from the announcement channel, regardless of whether they are published or not.

  • Jefftechyboymaster

    Just add autopublisher bot. Its great. Just dont forget to give it “Administrator” and “manage webhooks” as it doesn’t give those to it automatically for some reason

  • Vedinsoh

    Jefftechyboymaster that's because permissions need to be set for each channel where you want auto publishing (unless you want it in all of them, in which case admin permission will work fine). Check out this doc for more info:

  • nanchaara

    actually really useful

  • CZghost

    @Forcellrus Thank you. I was about to write an issue report here (but didn't have password yet), then on GitHub, but then I've read the readme carefully and realized I forgot to assign permissions for the bot :D Yes, it works. Now I can simply post an update and nothing more. I do have some webhooks issued to the announcement channels, so having them auto published is really useful. Especially stream announcements, which I cannot simply publish manually when I start my stream, so stream notifications kind of stayed behind unpublished. That's not gonna happen anymore. Thanks.

  • Nelhannes

    Any update from Discord on this to have it natively?


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