Mentions should stay for more than 7 days


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  • AisuYukiChan

    I have this problem many times when I'm teaching composition through discord. If you guys want to branch out to students, this is a necessary step in my opinion!

  • funjordan

    It is really frustrating when a mention you have goes missing. This is something that should totally be implemented!

  • suburbanTropica

    Agree 100%.  I'm not sure why mentions would have a retention period of 7 days.  This seems like an arbitrary non-user-definable parameter.  It could be a smart move to have user-definable retention periods (this could be a game-changer for many use-cases and open up many more possibilities for the platform).  Overall, I do have a couple issues with the approach of user and information control in Discord; this example really brings that to the front stage.  In addition, push banners on the top of the desktop application which contain political opinions was a red line that was crossed.  More frustrating is that there is no way to opt out of this.  You can close it, but the notifications will be pushed and visible on application start up -- Bad move guys.



    While we are here: can we please address the inconsistent login process for discord links?  I followed this link from a discord post (the page I am writing this on).  This link opened and required a log in.  The log in method via the email address failed and suggested scanning a QR code with a smartphone.  In what world should someone scan a PC monitor with a smartphone to log in to Discord on the PC web browser when the PC Discord client software has an authorized login token available?  This application is already an electron app, so the resources should all be web-ready.  Pass this via an API please!

  • S_h_a_r_k_93

    For the most part, 7 days works, but when I am lazy and start to lag behind in checking my Mentions menu... I regret that it doesn't allow me to look past 7 days. I'm in a big server where the main channel has Discord search broken so, I can not find my mentions with a regular search... the Mentions menu is the only way to check my mentions, in that server.


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