the ability to see how many servers you're in


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  • Sey

    Good for you, I am in like 95 servers. And yeah, can we have a counter?

  • DaloZ3r

    ya me too dude

  • Phantom Baha

    Yes, please make a counter, OOOORRRR let developers track how many servers your in.

    I am in 59 servers 

    DM me for help: Phantom Baha#6323

  • Silverdude

    Yesss! This would be a helpful feature instead of manually counting how many servers we have left until it's full! Please consider this!

  • Coldest


  • BajaGryphon

    It's weird that there are limits to how many servers your in but there's no counter to show that


  • I am in at least 60+ servers (i think) and its difficult to count the servers. So i think that there should be a counter for how many servers we are in

  • EagleClarinet22

    Trying to boost this, but yes we definitely need a server counter.


  • Maverick21

    Thanks for everyone's support because even with server folders, it still hard to count. So it's good idea to have a server counter. Cheers :) 


    Bumping this, I really would like this feature. And honestly the ability to do the same for open dms, would be really nice. I also feel like we need DM folders and organizers, I hate it when you close my dms automatically and I would like to be able to sort them by server, type of friend, etc.

  • earphones_guy

    yes, just yes

  • Maverick21

    I'm in so many servers so there should be a way for server count

  • Loki



  • Gaming Midnight

    I am in 61 my 1 key is broken numeric keypad 1 is not working either lol so I am copy and pasting the number 1 

  • Maverick21

    what do you mean Gaming Midnight

  • MeLlamanHokage

    96 for me and I only know that because a Nitro advert tried to get me to raise my limit to 200

  • x Hades Stamps

    This is the kind of thing the team should be working on!

  • Xiao

    I'm just here to say that I've recently been unable to create or join new servers, so at least now I know I'm in 100 servers. Nice.

  • Aero

    If you try to search "Discord Server Count" youre gonna get nothing but "HOW TO TRACK MEMBER COUNT IN YOUR SERVER LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE" BS. 

    I dont have a server count. I do have Nitro, and I dont want to manully open every folder and count them out manually.

    At the very least, give a count when we hover over a folder.

  • LilyTheFøx/Faith

    I'm in almost 100, I've gotten to 100 a few times, I'd really like to know too

  • Jarn321

    go to and log in, go into f12 (on google chrome) and find <div aria-label="Servers"> ( to find <div aria-label="Servers"> you have to open like all thingies ) right click <div aria-label="Servers"> and click edit as html, copy all the html into pastebin, press ctrl+F and type "<div class="listItem-" than you should see your amount and this way to know the amount of servers was tested

  • FireboltAA

    Yes please, my nitro just ran out and I think I'm in around 106 servers, I've counted 3 times and I'm still not sure exactly how many I have to leave.

  • Maverick21

    Show me how Jarn321

  • Basix

    I'm surprised to know this feature is not present TBH.

  • joex92

    following Jarn321 method but without using any other external editor, using discord on a browser, FIRST open all the folders (this is a must), then press F12 or right click -> inspect on any server icon, then do Ctrl+F and paste this: blobContainer-pmnxKB, then look at how many it found and that would be the amount of servers you are in...


    If that specific line didn't work, then do this:
      look for this line: <div aria-label="Servers">, then you would see something like this when collapsed:

    <div aria-label="Servers">
    <div class="listItem-XXXXXX">
    <div class="pill-XXXXXX wrapper-xxxxxx" aria-hidden="true"></div>
    <div class="blobContainer-XXXXXX" draggable="true">
    <div class="wrapper-XXXXXX">

    that one that says blobContainer-XXXXXX is unique for each server, so copy that one with the X characters and paste it on Ctrl+F to do a search, then the amount of found objects is the amount of servers you are in...

  • mburg33

    It’s so infuriating that this isn’t a feature yet, it’s so basic it’s shocking. I’m at the 100 limit but I don’t know how many I need to leave in order to join more. I had nitro and now that I’m off it I’m trying to clean up my server list. 

  • Waabam

    I am a paying subscriber (Nitro). This is a basic feature. It needs to be added.

  • retrosonic

    I'm wondering why this is still a missing feature. It would make lot of people much happier to have this. Please, add this because it's very common and basic feature.

  • x Hades Stamps

    Come the heck on! This suggestion is 2 years old, essential, and still not a feature! Get it together, Discord!

  • Olzie-12

    I mean, this would be so useful to be able to know how much servers you are in. For now i've just been sending a request to discord using the API in the discord console on the app.


    Heres the code if you want it, you will need your token as an auth header though. These requests are safe and this is how discord also get information using their api.

    fetch("/api/users/@me/guilds", {
    headers: {
    authorization: "TOKEN_HERE"
    }).then(r => r.json()).then(guilds => console.log("# of guilds: " + guilds.length));


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