Discord on iOS 13 or above should respect system-wide light/dark mode settings


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  • superplaysgamer


  • rms1190

    Agreed! Of course the option to have always light or always dark should stay, but there should definitely be an option to auto switch like other apps are introducing.

  • eggkid

    An option to sync with system theme would be very much appreciated.

  • Pecacheu

    Support is needed on Android Q as well!

    Frankly, I'm impressed with Android this time around as far as widespread app support for dark/night mode is concerned. In the past developers on iOS would move on integrating new system features like this into their apps far faster than on Android, but I only just got updated to Android Q recently and in my experience nearly every app, from mainstream to obscure, already has Android Q and system-wide dark mode support, probably more so than on my iOS device.

    Discord I'd say is one of the few (where it would make sense that is) that doesn't on my devices at least.


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