Custom Status (Server Feature)


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  • Leszeł

    Discord - add it!

  • Naddel_

    Why are you guys thinking so complicated? Just add it into role specific permissions. Done

  • BJPickles

    Was just about to post this. Glad to know others are in the same boat!

    Sadly I think Discord had a tad too much faith in the users of their communities to not abuse this. We've had the same issues and I'd rather not ban users because they've set their status to an "NSFW in-joke" from another server.

  • markawes

    I also upvote this for The Almighty One

  • Scorp

    Exact situation on my pg server - "We've had the same issues and I'd rather not ban users because they've set their status to an "NSFW in-joke" from another server."

  • Scorp

    We're having the same issue Potato, thankfully it's nothing that extreme yet, just profanity.

  • tomGER

    As a moderator of a lot of discord guilds, this is currently my biggest fear and problem. Due to the fact that you have to actively look through the member list (which is impossible on enormous servers) or click on each user and check their status, it's completely impossible to moderate them.

    I get that custom status messages are quite a useful feature for the normal user of discord but a Halloween spook for all moderators.

  • KensonPlays

    𝒟𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓪𝓻𝓬𝓾🎃, and yet, they still haven't added Streaming status to other platforms like Mixer, YouTube, etc. Even after 2 huge and a medium-sized Twitch streamer have all moved to Mixer exclusively in the last couple months.

  • Joey

    Guys Custom Statuses are not even released... People are modifying their clients to enable them. Your feature request is based on a unreleased feature.

  • Big P

    Custom statuses are out now...

  • TheValster

    Couldn't agree more. the stuff I've seen the last couple days is insane.

  • purpzie

    This doesn't seem like that good of an idea. You can already disable external emotes in a server to hide them in custom statuses, and also, it's just because it's a new feature that everyone is abusing it - once it's out for a while it won't be that big of a problem.

  • coolbeansdude

    I agree.; people having NSFW statuses in servers where it is disallowed gets very annoying. I recently had to ask about 15 or 20 people to change their status or suffer being kicked from a server I moderate in due to our rules. I would really love being able to not have to go through thousands of members every so often to ask them to change their status.

  • dastormer

    Definitely agree. This will allow server members to keep their statuses in other servers while also being able to stay in servers where inappropriate statuses are against the rules. It'll also improve and make moderating more efficient by allowing staff members to remove/hide statuses that don't comply with server rules. Instead of asking each person to change the status or be kicked, the status can just be hidden in that specific server.

  • Rach

    This would be amazing. An individual per-player status mute would be the best option, in my opinion, since a "global" status mute might upset people who want to use their status without breaking a discord server's rules.

    Hopefully this can be added fairly quickly because as of right now people are getting kicked from my discord for inappropriate statuses... and that's not a great solution. :/

  • Hudsy

    This is really a good thing. Now everyone can have no status at all. How about optional just to leave the emoji and then the text gone. We can have any like weird faces or eggplants and stuff. If the emojis gets out of hand, you can disable both text status and emoji.

    Server can have rules like when you're busy or doing something, have a certain emoji (example: If you're online or busy playing, have a joystick emoji.)

  • ThoseRedLights

    Even if it’s just personally hiding someone’s status on your end, it should definitely be a feature. I don’t want to be forced to kick a member just so I don’t feel upset whenever I read their gorey status. :’)

  • Jrelvas

    Expanding on this idea, I think that we should be able to set exclusive custom status for a specific server.

  • AJman14

    Either add the ability to have per-server custom statuses, or add permissions for servers to disallow custom statuses from showing.

  • maximilien


  • Uncle

    They need to solve this discord status issue ASAP. We just lost a lot of great people becuase of multi discord statuses that were against our server rules. (lewd stuff showing up on our Discord when people hanging out somewhere else.)


    We lost nitro boosters and great admins.

    Our clan is about 800 strong so we took a major management hit.

  • Dɪᴏ
    Yes this would be really useful for people who try to self promo using custom status
  • Krillacreat

    I'm pretty sure having to hide Custom Statuses would be incredibly complicated and that hiding games & Spotify would be a bit easier.
    So how about make it to where it's possible to hide users' activity (status and/or gameplay) based on server settings.

  • AJman14

    Why would it be hard? It would actually be incredibly easy for Discord to add a similar setting.

  • Kitty

    They should never roll out something like this without a way to "tame" it

    There are so many really inappropriate status' out there and self-promoting as well

  • Wendy

    Custom status is being used by some people as a subtle form of harassment as well. I'm seeing it repeatedly in some servers where one person dislikes another and changes their name to something insulting and referencing the other. Then they follow suit with their custom messages. Give users control over being able to see other's custom statuses, in addition to servers/admins to have them display or not. Also, make it so if you block someone, you don't see them at all: name, icon, custom status, etc instead of just making their posts a spoiler alert. Greater functionality in many areas would be really nice.

  • xXSB101Xx

    This is some really excessive whining for a feature that's not even that prominent. Everyone in here is saying that this is almost unmanageable for servers with large numbers, while leaving out the fact that you will only see the status if you actually click on the person or, if for some reason, decide to scroll down your ungodly member count, which I doubt any normal person will actually do. People will only see these NSFW statuses or advertising statuses if they actually do one or the other, so this isn't even something that's in your face like someone's name or messages to begin with.
    This seems like just another annoying feature that over the top admins and moderators are going to use to curate their servers of any backlash or dissent, and god forbid, it's not like they need any more tools to help them in that regard.

  • AJman14

    I think it's safe for me to speak on behalf of the community here. We completely disagree with you. Custom statuses are absolutely in your face! They show in the player-list on the right. They show if you click someone to check their roles, or their profile to see their connections, your mutual servers or friends, message them, or even get their user ID to report to a moderator.

    It is another channel users can utilize to troll servers and ignore rules. It's an issue even for those who don't mean to break rules of certain servers, but want a status that is questionable.

  • Crimm_Reaper

    The plan:
    1. server level permissions for status's

    2. little tick mark like when you mute someone to mute that persons status from your point of view

    3. done. thats it thats all it takes my dudes please ad this.

    I am not saying the ability to actually mess with anyones status's I'm just saying to mute them from a server side or a personal side point of view so if I don't wanna see your "I shag cats" custom status message I dont have to and you can go on with your stupid status message without me.

  • xXSB101Xx

    @AJman14 "They show in the player-list on the right. They show if you click someone to check their roles, or their profile to see their connections, your mutual servers or friends, message them, or even get their user ID to report to a moderator." 

    And as I said previously, those are all things you have to do to actually go and see the status, with the exception of scrolling through your member count, which I already mentioned is something hardly anyone would do in a server with any decent number of members.

    Nobody is going out of their way to scroll through your member lists of 20k people to find some inactive who has a status that's not kid appropiate.

    It's another issue altogether if you are talking about someone who is active on your server, but even then like you said in your quote above.

    "They show if you click someone to check their roles, or their profile to see their connections, your mutual servers or friends, message them, or even get their user ID to report to a moderator."

    With the exception of getting their ID to report to a moderator, which in of itself assumes they did something else that was rule breaking and warranting punishment to begin with, all of these other actions require you to dig further into their account to see their rule breaking status.

    Which brings me around to my prior post again, that the status is fundamentally different in seeability as compared to a name or a profile pic, with the sole exception of looking through your member list, which as I said previously, is only really feasible for small servers which are easy to moderate anyway.

    Maybe if you asked for something more reasonable, like a status search option so you can actually find people who have bad words or links in their status, I wouldn't have any issue with it, but you requesting a giant nuke option and blocking for all statuses is just a major overstep in my opinion that is really seems like it's only going to be misused by oversensitive admins who really don't need any more excessive power anyway.

    There's far better ways that could be implemented to control status's in child friendly servers, and honestly it's kind of ridiculous seeing everyone here trying to advocate for an option that's the equivalent of scorched earth tactics.



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